The U.S.-Israel economic bond

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By Jon Medved.. Much of the talk around President Trump’s meeting this week with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House surrounds the political and security relationship between the two countries. That is important. But it is only part of the story. Despite having a tiny population of eight million people, Israel is playing a crucial role in helping to power the U.S. economy for the next generation. It is no exaggeration to say that the U.S.-Israel economic and commercial relationship is transforming the economies of both countries, creating a virtual circle of productivity and growth. And what is behind this? In one word: innovation.

What we are seeing is a different form of globalization, with innovation breaking down barriers and enabling small countries like Israel to have a disproportionate positive effect on superpowers such as the United States. This free flow of investment is not only bipartisan, it transcends politics. Technology is by its very nature immune to protectionism. Innovative startups create new jobs rather than transferring or outsourcing old ones. As the U.S. looks to meet Mr. Trump’s ambitious growth plans and encourage more business growth in the United States, Israeli technology startups launching in the U.S. will be a big part of the answer. Read the full story.



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