A Look Back at Ten Years as A Soldier’s Mother

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By Paula R. Stern.. On February 13, 2007, I decided that I wanted to experiment more formally with this thing called “blogging.” There was no WordPress, no other real blogging platform other than Blogger. I decided to go for it and with the first screen, I was stuck. It asked me the name for the blog I wanted to create. I didn’t know what to write. There were two major things happening in my life. One I was anticipating with such joy; the second I was intentionally trying not to face. My daughter, first child, was getting married. She was (and is) beautiful and ecstatically happy. Her future husband was (is) so gorgeous and sweet and I love his family. But what would I write about – the wedding was one month away, most of the planning done and anyway, how much can you write about a wedding long after it happens.

The second was my oldest son, second child, being drafted into the army. That was to be for three years, involved more unknowns and so I chose that as the topic. I would be, whether I wanted to be or not, a soldier’s mother. And so…ten years ago today, I started writing. Read the full story.



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