I Hate Roller Coasters

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By Paula R. Stern.. You know that part of the road where you go up and then suddenly go down and your stomach takes a second to catch up? You know that feeling when you get to the edge of the fall of a roller coaster and then begin falling? You don’t know how far you will fall; you just know that you weren’t ready. All the time in the world to think, to prepare, and there you are, at that point so much earlier than you expected. Israel has just been attacked from three fronts in the last few days. A rocket landed in the Golan Heights, fired from Syrian territory earlier in the evening last night. And then, later in the evening, air raid sirens wailed in Eilat without warning and four missiles were detected. Iron Dome shot down three while the fourth exploded in open fields. Yesterday, Gaza fired a rocket at Israel – it landed in the Ashkelon beach area.

Two things can happen now, and it’s impossible to predict which. It’s been 2.5 years since our last war. Four years since the war before that; Eight years since the war before that. It seems our enemies forget their defeat rather quickly and though we all know the outcome, they are itching for a fight yet again. So, in a matter of days or weeks, this could escalate, again, to war. Read the full story.



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