Beyond A Post Gone Viral

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By Paula R. Stern.. What do you do when something you write touches a nerve and goes around the world tens of thousands of times? Well, I guess you smile, wait out the attention, and write something else. That’s what I do. I wrote about myself as a Jew, as a woman, and it struck a nerve. Mostly, I was amazed by the positive comments and more, how easily the negative ones were shallow and angry. But I long to close my eyes and ears to the Trump administration. He has a lot of work to do in America and I wish both the new president and the country only good things. Americans need to understand that ones they are hurting by this divisive attitude (and action) is more themselves than anyone else. Ultimately, the choice is theirs – their country to build or destroy.

As much as I enjoyed the “fame” of the moment, I long to get back to the personal, back to me, back to my life, my country. My eyes turn inward. It is Thursday and I’m overwhelmed with work. I haven’t written much about the personal side of life and I miss that.

So…David is stationed on the border…like ON the border. And Shmulik has had a baby boy. He’s precious and sweet and I marvel as I watch my children hold their nephew (and son), and when Elie’s little daughter informs me that she has a cousin and his name is Lavi and when he’s bigger, he’ll have another name…even though he already does. His name is Lavi Avraham. Read the full story.



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