What would happen if…

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By Paula R. Stern..Yesterday (January 8, 2016), four soldiers were murdered by an Arab who decided that ramming his truck would in some way serve his god. A dozen more were wounded, most lightly. This morning, I got a note from a father asking what would happen if… He doesn’t live in Israel, though his son has come here alone to serve. If the son is here, there’s a really good chance it is because his parents instilled in him a love of this land, and a belief that it is his job to serve it. He must have seen the video, or at least the pictures and his first thought, as mine has been too many times, was…how would I know? Imagine four sets of parents yesterday, going about their day. Really not much to worry about – their children were in a training course to be officers…they weren’t even combat soldiers. More, they were on a “culture” day – a day where they are taken to places of historic and cultural significance. See, learn, understand why you are defending this land.

So they came to Jerusalem…and they died. More, they were murdered. And at the moment their children died, they were going about their normal day. Read the full story.



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