Understanding the piece process

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By Michael Laitman.. When we unite and unleash that balancing power Churchill instinctively detected, the question of our right to exist in Israel will be obsolete. The more chaotic the world becomes, the more it busies itself with ingenuities that aim to “resolve” the conflict in the Middle East. Lately, the world has become such a mess that even peace initiatives seem hard-pressed to coexist. Currently, the EU-backed French initiative is the world’s new darling. However, only a few weeks ago it was the phoenix-like Saudi/Arab initiative that resurfaced and grabbed the media’s attention. Now, in the midst of the rush to endorse the French initiative (and chide its critics), there emerges a pre-election peace agreement, no less, between Mahmoud Abbas and current opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, drafted when he aspired to become prime minister. Read the full story here.



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