Abbas confirms PMW findings that the PA is still paying salaries to terrorists

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By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik..  Last week, during a debate in Norwegian parliament about the implications of Palestinian Media Watch‘s report “The PA’s Billion Dollar Fraud,” the Norwegian Foreign Minister promised to put pressure on Mahmoud Abbas at their meeting this week to stop paying salaries to terrorists. PMW’s report shows that despite assurances that it had stopped paying salaries to terrorists, the PA continues to pay them, just by a circuitous route via the PLO.In the Norwegian minister’s meeting with Abbas today, according to the Norwegian daily Dagen, when Abbas was confronted with PMW’s charge that the PA was still paying salaries to terrorists in prison, Abbas did not deny that the PA still funds salary payments to prisoners. Rather he confirmed that the salaries are still being paid, when he assured the Norwegian Foreign Minister that these salaries are just not paid with Norwegian money. Read the full story here.

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