Netanyahu: NGO transparency bill is right, democratic and necessary

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By Lahav Harkov.. Numerous ambassadors have attempted to pressure Israeli lawmakers from passing the bill, especially from Kulanu. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [Photo top right:Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses a meeting of Israel’s ambassadors and consul-general. (photo credit:KOBI GIDON / GPO)] to support legislation requiring greater transparency for NGOs funded by foreign governments Monday (February 1, 2016), as European countries pressured individual Israeli lawmakers to vote against it. “Try to imagine a situation in which Israel would fund the separatist movements of the Basques or the Corsicans, or other places,” Netanyahu said at the opening of a Likud faction meeting (February 2, 2016). “There would be great outrage.” The prime minister said that the bill in question is meant to create greater transparency regarding the activities of foreign governments within Israeli democracy.

The proposal “has been met with complaints from those who usually support transparency,” he added.

“This bill is right, democratic and necessary, and this bill will pass,” Netanyahu stated.

The legislation was scheduled to go to a vote Monday, but postponed by a week due to an overly-long parliamentary agenda.

The Justice Ministry bill states that any non-profit organization that receives most of its funding from a foreign political entity will have to present itself as such, as well as list which countries support the NGO in any forum in which they are speaking with elected officials and in any publicly available texts – whether in advertisements, online, in written reports, etc. Rewad the full story here.



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