Grand Mufti condemns new Jewish egalitarian prayer section at Western Wall

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By Khaled Abu Toameh.. In a press statement he released on Monday (February 1, 2016), Hussien [Photo top right: Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Hussein Photo: AP] claimed that the prayer space adjacent to the Western Wall is “the property of the Islamic waqf that was taken by the Israeli occupation in 1967.” The Palestinian Authority denounced on Monday an Israeli decision to expand the Jewish prayer section of the Western Wall to accommodate non-Orthodox and mixed gender services, as a further attempt to change the status quo at the Temple Mount. Sunday’s (January 31, 2016) cabinet decision hailed as an historic landmark for Jewish pluralism, was intended to enable embattled prayer group, Women of the Wall, to move its services away from the Orthodox-controlled prayer section, where rabbis have objected to seeing women read from the Torah.

The Palestinian Minister for Wakf and Religious Affairs, Sheikh Yusef Edais, said he opposed the decision to “allocate a mixed prayer section for Jewish men and women” at the Western Wall, which he referred to by its Islamic name, al-Buraq. Read the full story here.



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