Prison Service to prepare for Ehud Olmert’s imprisonment

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By Ateret Horowitz.. The Israeli Prison Service will hold a special discussion following the conviction of former Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, immediately after Passover. An ad-hoc working group will discuss Olmert’s imprisonment conditions and whom he will reside with. IPS: “This is an extraordinary project”. After being convicted for the third time, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert might very well be put in jail – a condition that requires special preparation on the part of the prison services. Therefore, Commissioner Aharon Franco has ordered to form an ad-hoc working group that will meet immediately after the Passover holiday, in order to discuss and prepare for Olmert’s imprisonment.

For how many years will Olmert sit behind bars? Channel 2 News

For how many years will Olmert sit behind bars? Channel 2 News

According to tonight’s (Monday March 30, 2015) main newscast on channel 2, the work group will examine several alternatives as to where former Prime Minister Olmert will be held. At this time, it appears that that Olmert will be put in a facility in the center of Israel (Ramle or Hasharon Prison). However, members of the team will meet with General Security Service officials, which are expected to demand exceptional requirements regarding the former Prime Minister’s security, throughout the time serving his sentence.

Additionally, the working group will discuss the possibilities of housing additional prisoners with Olmert and under what terms. A senior official at the Israeli Prison Service told Channel 2 News: “The possibility of Olmert going to jail for a few years seems more realistic today than ever.” He moreover stressed that this would be an extraordinary project, which they must start preparing for as soon as possible.

The "Shabas" (Israeli prison service) preparing for Olmert Archive/Channel 2 News

The “Shabas” (Israeli prison service) preparing for Olmert Archive/Channel 2 News

For how many years will Olmert sit behind bars?

In May of last year, the former prime minister received six years in prison for a bribery case involving the Holyland real estate deal. Today, Olmert was found guilty of accepting cash stuffed envelops and therefore convicted of fraud, breach of trust and illicitly receiving money – offenses which may bring the former prime minister to spend a long time behind bars.

According to Article 284 of the Penal Code in Israel, the offense of breach of trust entails a penalty of up to three years in prison. Besides the offense of breach of trust, the judges convicted Olmert receiving aggravated fraud – a crime is punishable by five years in prison.

If indeed Olmert will be imprisoned, he will be the first Israeli prime minister to recieve a prison sentence.




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