And yet, Hitler failed!

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The holocaust was a terrible tragedy in human history. While the Jewish people were not part of the conflict, millions of them were murdered by Hitler and his regime. This was and still is very painful. But Hitler failed! How?

Hitler knew about the efforts of several people to establish a national homeland for the Jewish people in Israel. The Balfour declaration of 1917 and 1922 resulted in the confirmation by The League of Nations of the British Mandate in 1922. And since September 1923 this mandate came into effect. Just as he knew about the result of the Évian Conference on Lake Geneva in 1938, which left the Jewish people in Europe virtually defenceless. Why? The conference did not pas a resolution condemning the German treatment of the Jewish people. Nor did the conference agree on which countries should receive the Jewish migrants fleeing Nazi Germany.

What did Hitler want to achieve? What was his dream? His Third Reich firmly established in the whole of Europe. And he wanted the elimination of all the Jews. He was still very clear about this at his Wannsee Conference in January 1942. At the time there were about 10 million Jewish people in the territories controlled directly or indirectly by the Nazis.

But then Ezekiel 37 verse 1 to 14 came to pass. Verse 11, 12 and 14c:

God said to me:

“Mortal man, the people of Israel are like these bones. They say that they are dried up, without any hope and with no future.

So prophesy to my people Israel and tell them that I, the Sovereign Lord, am going to open their graves. I’m going to take them out and bring them back to the land of Israel.

I have promised that I would do this and I will. I, the Lord, have spoken”

Not all of the 10 million Jews were murdered, but 6 million. Not the Third Reich was firmly established, but the State of Israel in its own land of Israel. So the Israelites do have a future. Hitler did not achieve his goals, his dream was shattered. He failed, because the God of Israel kept the promise he gave more than 2000 years ago. Zechariah chapter 8 verse 1 to 13 also speaks of God’s promise. Who tells the Israelites to have courage and not to be afraid.

So that was it then. Or is there more? What comes next for Israel and the Israelites in our time? We hear rumours of war in the Middle East every day. The Gog Magog war, Armagadon will start soon? By the way I believe these two wars are the same. [When it is about the outcome of this war, compare Ezekiel 39:4, 17-20 with Revelation 19:17, 18. When it is about the devastating earthquake that will take place, compare Ezekiel 38:20, 21 with Revelation 16:18-21.] But I will not elaborate more on this now. And will Yeshua Messiah reveal himself soon as written in Daniel 7:13-14 and Revelation 19:11-15)?

Not yet! Why?

Because of what is written in Ezekiel 38 verse 7 and 8 that tells us that the enemy mentioned in the Gog Magog war will get ready but will invade Israel many years later when the people of Israel are living in safety. So between now and the Gog Magog war what can we expect?

-Another war that will force Israel to defend itself and will result in an expansion of its land. Amos chapter 9 speaks of this. And Revelations chapter 16 verse 12 speaks of the river Euphrates as the border of Israel in the east at the time of Armagadon (Gog Magog).

– A major earthquake, while the moon turns red and the son turns black. As written in Revelations chapter 6 verse 12 to 17.

– The Temple will be built. Daniel chapter 8 and 9 speak of the last 7 years before the Gog Magog war, Armagadon. During these years there is a Temple service. And Revelation chapter 11 verse 1 and 2 also speak of the Temple of God in the holy city.

– God almighty will restore the Kingdom of David to rule the land of Israel. The two thrones that he gave to Israel, as written in 1 Kings chapter 11 verse 13 to 39 (notice verse 39), he will merge them to one. The first part of Ezekiel chapter 37 came to pass, so will the second part, the verses 15 to 28. God keeps his promises.

In the words God almighty gave the prophets Amos and Jeremiah:

– The Lord says: “A day is coming when I will restore the Kingdom of David, which is like a house fallen into ruins. I will repair its walls and restore it. I will rebuild it and make it as it was long ago. And so the people of Israel will conquer what is left of the land of Edom and all the nations that were once mine,” says the Lord, who will cause this to happen. (Amos 9 verse 11-12)

– “I will restore my people to their land and have mercy on every family. Jerusalem will be rebuilt and its palace restored.

(Jeremiah 30 verse 18b. It rely says palace not temple.)

– Their ruler will come from their own people. He will approach me when I invite him. (Jeremiah 30 verse 21)

God almighty never fails!

God bless you.

Mrs. A. vd Laan-Leito

My thanks goes to Rabbi David Brodman for the interview he gave to ‘Christenen voor Israel’, which I saw at their exposition about Israel in Nijkerk the Netherlands. Something he said gave me comfort and this inspired me to write the above with Gods guidance. So thank you.


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  1. Dear sister, I recently began to navigate on this site and gladly discovered your materials and comments. I haven’t studied prophecies in-depth, so I can’t say wether you are right or wrong, but I just wanted to add a little detail: in the “Not yet! Why?” paragraph you said about a major earthquake, when the moon turns into blood, i.e., turns red. As for me, I came to find out that the Feasts of YHWH from Leviticus 23 (inter alia) can be also looked at as an unfolding of God’s calendar for redeeming humankind. You know, the Messiah died on the Passover day (14th of Nisan), He rose on the 16th, when it was the bringing of the firstfruit (of barley), the Spirit descended on Earth at an other Jewish feast, the Day of the Firstfruit, or Harvest (Pentecost), etc. Now, saying this, I wanted to speak in favour of two future days when the moon will turn red: the lunar total eclipses that will “happen” in the first Feast of the LORD (Passover, 14 Nisan) and the last Feast (Booths, Sukot, 23 Tishri), in the next Sabbatical year, that is, 2014-2015. These lunar total eclipses, which will make the moon LOOK as if turned into blood, will fall exactly in the days that open and close the religious or liturgical year. What about the sun turned into black? Well, in the same year of 2014-2015 (5775 for the Jews, if I am not mistaken) at Tisha b’Av, that is, the 9th of Av, which is the most sorrowful day in the Jewish calendar (in that day they lost two Temples, the first to Nebuchadnezar, 586 B.C.E. and the second to Titus, the Roman general, 70 C.E.) there will also happen a solar eclipse. It won’t be a total, but a partial eclipse: it is enough for the sun to turn black. Are all these simply coincidences?…Well, we’ll see about it.
    Baruch ha-Ba, Blessed is He who comes!…

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