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Trump Joins Up The Dots

editor 27 May 2017

By Melanie Phillips.. Now it becomes clear why President Trump selected as the destinations of his current tour Riyadh, Jerusalem and Rome. He is re-setting the foreign policy debate around the factor which is both fundamental and at the same time systematically ignored. He is reframing it as a conflict over religion. (more…)


Turkey’s Erdogan Calls On Muslims Of The World To Flock To ‘Al-Aksa’

editor 9 May 2017

By Tovah Lazaroff.. The Turkish president condemned “the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday (May 8, 2017) called on Muslims to visit al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount as frequently as possible. “As a Muslim community, we need to visit al-Aksa Mosque often – each day that Jerusalem is under occupation is an insult to us,” he said, according to the Turkish news agency Daily Sabah. [Photo top right:Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan makes a speech during an iftar event in Ankara, Turkey, June 27, 2016. (photo credit:REUTERS)]. (more…)


Thousands attend priestly blessing at Western Wall

editor 18 April 2017

By Staff.. The custom sees hundreds of Cohens (priests), descended from the biblical figure of Aaron and the Israelite tribe of Levi, raise their hands within their prayer shawls and bless the masses. Thousands of people flocked to the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City Monday (April 17, 2017) for the traditional Birkat Kohanim ceremony, the priestly blessing, held annually on the intermediate days of  Passover and Succot. (more…)


Italy’s Prime Minister: UNESCO’s Jerusalem Resolution ‘Shocking,’ Next Time We’ll Vote Against It

editor 27 October 2016

By Barak Ravid.. Matteo Renzi says he will summon his foreign minister to find out why Italy abstained from the vote on the resolution that disregarded the ties between Jews and Jerusalem. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Friday assailed the anti-Israel resolution adopted by UNESCO last week, saying that he found it “shocking.” [Photo top right:Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi arrives at the EU summit in Brussels, Belgium October 21, 2016. Photo credit: Eric Vidal, Reuters]


Photos: 50,000 Receive Priestly Blessing at Kotel, Reaffirm Jewish Dedication to Jerusalem

editor 27 October 2016

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz.. “Three times in a year shall all thy males appear before Hashem thy God in the place which He shall choose; on the feast of unleavened bread, and on the Shavuot, and on the Sukkot.” Deuteronomy 16:16. In a powerful display of the glory that once was the Jewish Temple, tens of thousands of Jews gathered at the Western Wall, also known as the Kotel, in Jerusalem on Wednesday (October 19, 2016) to be blessed by hundreds of Kohanim (Jewish men from the priestly caste). [Photo top right:Jewish worshippers wave the Lulav and Etrog in front of the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest prayer site, in Jerusalem’s Old City, during the Cohen Benediction priestly blessing at the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, October 19, 2016. (Photo by Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)] (more…)


In dramatic vote, UNESCO Jerusalem resolution passes with slim support

editor 26 October 2016

By Tovah Lazaroff.. It was presumed from the outset that the 21-member World Heritage Committee would approve the resolution, particularly given its unfriendly roster of states. In a dramatic upset the World Heritage Committee approved Wednesday (October 26, 2016), with less than a majority vote, a resolution that ignored Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. [Photo top right: Delegates applaud after the vote at the UNESCO headquarters where the United Nations’ cultural agency decided to give the Palestinians full membership of the body, a vote that will boost their bid for recognition as a state at the United Nations, during the 36th session of UNESCO’s General Conference in Paris October 31, 2011. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier (FRANCE – Tags: POLITICS)] (more…)


Imagine Taking the Statue of Liberty Away

editor 25 October 2016

By Paula R. Stern.. Danny Ayalon had produced (authored, narrated, etc.) some amazingly clear videos in the past…this may be his best one ever. Thank you for making it so clear, even a blooming idiot can follow the dots…if they wanted to…but, of course, having voted TWICE to err on the side of denying history, fact, archaeology, logic, and decency, UNESCO voted again today…here is an idiot’s guide to why what they did was so wrong. Read the full story and watch the video here.


UNESCO to hold new vote on Temple Mount resolution

editor 19 October 2016

By Moran Azalay.. Discussions on controversial resolution that failed to explicitly acknowledge a Jewish connection with the holy site by referring to it only by its Islamic name will be reopened thanks to change of position by Mexico, but it is expected to pass again regardless. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) will hold a new vote on a draft resolution that failed to acknowledge a Jewish connection to the Temple Mount because of a request by Mexico that is set to reopen discussions on it. (more…)


UNESCO’s Jerusalem resolution ignores Christian roots, too

editor 18 October 2016

By Amanda Borschel-Dan.. With increased archeological findings of a Byzantine presence prior to the Muslim conquest, the historical holy site is clearly linked to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity — and not necessarily in that order. Shortly before his death, in what is called the Olivet Discourse, Jesus predicts the fall of the Second Temple and the resulting desolation on the Temple Mount. Recounted in three gospels, this prophecy became foundational theology to the early Christians, who eschewed the most holy site of the Jewish faith when creating their new churches. But what if not all of them did leave the Temple Mount deserted? (more…)


UNESCO Votes to Erase Judaism’s Holiest Sites – Western Wall and Temple Mount

editor 13 October 2016

By Simon Wiesenthal Center.. UNESCO Votes to Erase Judaism’s Holiest Sites – Western Wall and Temple Mount.

“The passage of this resolution will be seen by many as encouraging and validating more Palestinian terror attacks on Israeli civilians” – Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper

Today’s vote by UNESCO erasing the Jewish identity of the Western Wall was denounced by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The vote was led by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar and Sudan with 24 countries voting in favor of the resolution, 6 countries against and 28 abstaining. (more…)


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