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Europe’s Compassionate Hatred of Israel

editor 15 February 2017

By Bat Ye’or.. The Jerusalem Declaration of UNESCO seeks to Islamize, with the help of many governments in Europe and other Christian countries, the ancient history of the people of Israel. But what does this declaration mean for Europe and Christianity? Wasn’t Christianity born out of Israel? Wasn’t Jesus a Judean Jew, as were the apostles and evangelists? Or was it Islam that Jesus was preaching, in Arabic and in the mosques? (more…)


In Reversal, Israel to Allow Nine Venezuelan Jews Entry on Condition of Second, ‘Symbolic’ Conversion

editor 6 February 2017

By Zoë Miller.. After a special Knesset meeting brokered by The Jewish Agency, three Jewish families from Venezuela are heading to Israel. After an “emotional” and special Knesset hearing, The Jewish Agency worked out a deal with the Israeli government that enables a group of nine Jewish Venezuelans entry into the country, representing a reversal of a decision to bar their immigration earlier in January (2017). (more…)


Strange Bedfellows: The Russian-Turkish-Iranian Axis

editor 26 January 2017

By Ofra Bengio.. Russia has fulfilled a long-held dream of reaching the warm water of the Mediterranean and is casting itself as the hegemon in the region. Sixty years have lapsed since the Baghdad Pact which grouped together Turkey, Iran, Iraq and the West in an alliance against the Soviet Union and the concomitant Communist danger. Nowadays this Middle Eastern architecture has shifted 180 degrees to where Russia, Turkey and Iran are in an ad hoc alliance against Islamic State but which may turn against the West as well. Still, the new alliance might be termed as a marriage of inconvenience where each of the parties has different motives and is acting at cross purposes in partitioning the Syrian bear. (more…)


The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian Civilization

editor 18 January 2017

By Giulio Meotti.. How is it that Western jurisprudence, created after the Second World War to prevent more crimes against humanity, is now being used to perpetuate more crimes and against democracies? It is a dreadful manipulation to try erase all Jewish and Christian history, to make believe that all the world was originally and forever only Islamic. That is what a jihad looks like. It is not just orange jumpsuits, beheadings and slavery. If one can erase and rewrite history, one can redirect the future. If Palestinian men beat their wives, it’s Israel’s fault, argued UN expert Dubravka Simonovic with a straight face. (more…)



editor 16 January 2017

By Rev Willem J.J.  Glashouwer.. Those who have followed the developments in the Middle East year after year will not have missed that in November 2012, the General Assembly – voting by a large majority (139 in favour to 9 against with 41 abstentions) – accorded Palestine ‘non-Member Observer State status’ in the United Nations. Since then, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel resolutions follow each other in quick succession. (more…)


Palestinian religious leaders threaten religious war over Jerusalem

editor 13 January 2017

By Itamar Marcus.. Terror attack kills 4 in Jerusalem, following incitement by PA religious leaders. On US plans to move embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital: Abbas’ advisor on religious affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash:
“It is a declaration of war on all Muslims”, “This will not pass in silence” and “In matters of religion, faith, values, ethics, and history, there can be no compromises. (more…)


Eternal Faith and the People of Israel

editor 6 January 2017

By Paula R. Stern.. One of the jobs of a nation’s leader is to talk tough and talk loud. He (or she) has to say things that sound stern and important and their words are supposed to make their enemies think twice about engaging in battle while convincing their allies that they’ve made the right choice in aligning their national interests. The truth is that Benjamin Netanyahu knows how to speak amazingly well. Sometimes, he speaks to his own people; sometimes he speaks to our friends. Sometimes, he speaks to our enemies and sometimes, perhaps at the greatest of times, he speaks not so much to us, but for ALL of us. And not just the Jews who are alive today, not just those who live in Israel. (more…)


Christians for Israel denounces UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements

editor 24 December 2016

By Christians for Israel International.. Yesterday, Friday 23 December 2016, the United Nations Security Council convening in New York passed a resolution condemning Israel’s establishment of “settlements” in Jerusalem, Judea or Samaria since 1967 as “flagrant violation of international law”. Fourteen of the fifteen Security Council members voted for the resolution. It is the first time the U.S., which abstained, has not used its veto right to block such a resolution. (more…)


Egypt and Turkey Soften Positions on Syria, Benefiting Assad

editor 8 December 2016

By Anne Barnard.. BEIRUT, Lebanon — The Syrian government, flush with pivotal battlefield gains and bolstered by support from Iran and Russia, is finding itself the beneficiary of an evolving regional realignment spurred by the war in SyriaEgypt and Turkey, countries that were once vocal opponents of Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, have, to varying degrees, softened their positions. Egypt, the region’s most populous Sunni country and wary of Iran’s Shiite theocracy, has made its tacit, increasing support of the Syrian government public for the first time. And Turkey, a Sunni regional power, is reshaping the Syrian battlefield by edging closer to Russia and dampening its longtime support for rebels fighting Mr. Assad. [Photo top right:A ruined building Friday in Talbiseh, Homs Province. The Arabic graffiti reads, “From Homs, Save Aleppo.” Bombing has escalated in Syria in recent weeks. Credit Mahmoud Taha/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images] (more…)


Does Israel’s Massive Drought Mean Messiah Will Arrive on a White Donkey?

editor 6 December 2016

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz.. “Then hear Thou in heaven, and forgive the sin of Thy servants, and of Thy people Yisrael, when Thou teachest them the good way wherein they should walk; and send rain upon Thy land, which Thou hast given to Thy people for an inheritance.” I Kings 28:36. There hasn’t been a drop of rain in Northern Israel for more than eight months and as meteorologists present dire forecasts, Jews who look to the heavens for a divinely-inspired understanding are getting answers that lead them to a deeper understanding of how the Messiah will arrive. (more…)


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