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Israel’s First Female Sharia Judge Sworn In

editor 19 May 2017

By BICOM.. Israel has appointed the ever first female judge (Qadi) to the Muslim Sharia Courts. Hana Khatib, an expert in Sharia law from Tamra in the lower Galilee, was sworn in Monday (May 15, 2017) at the President’s residence with four other new judges. “This is a really big victory, and it really shows how the courts can support equality for women,” Khatib said. [Photo top right: Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Israeli Muslim Hana Khatib and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked – Photo: BICOM].  (more…)


‘Israel Is Not The United Nations’ Punching Bag Anymore’

editor 11 May 2017

By Yonah Jeremy Bob.. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: Trump is a partner in fighting anti-Israel UN Resolutions. Still fuming about UN Resolution 2334, which passed in December just before Donald Trump became US president, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked told attendees at The Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York on Sunday (MNay 7, 2017) that Israel has a partner in the Trump administration in fighting all illegal UN resolutions. [Photo top right: Ayelet Shaked at the 2017 JPost Annual Conference . (photo credit:screenshot)].  (more…)


Ethiopian Israeli women appointed judges

editor 24 December 2016

By Greer Fay Cashman.. Although there is no shortage of Ethiopian-Israeli lawyers, none had previously reached the bench. Two women from Israel’s Ethiopian community broke through the glass ceiling on Tuesday (December 20, 2016), becoming the first to be appointed judges. They were among six women who were included in the 13 new judicial appointments as judges and registrars serving in the district, magistrate’s and traffic courts in Haifa and Tel Aviv. Although there is no shortage of Ethiopian-Israeli lawyers, none had previously reached the bench. [Photo top right:NEWLY APPOINTED Judge Ednaki Sebhat Haimowitz shakes hand with President Reuven Rivlin yesterday at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem.. (photo credit:MARK NEYMAN/GPO)] (more…)


Bill to legalize settler homes unconstitutional, but Amona residents refuse to leave

editor 21 July 2016

By Tovah Lazaroff.. The High Court of Justice has ordered the homes razed by the end of December (2016) because they were built without permits on private Palestinian property. Amona’s settlers have refused an offer to relocate their hilltop West Bank outpost, even though Attorney- General Avichai Mandelblit said Sunday (July 17, 2016) that the latest legislative drive to legalize their homes is unconstitutional. [Photo top right: Amona. (photo credit:TOVAH LAZAROFF)] (more…)


Why the West needs brain surgery

editor 24 June 2016

A counterterrorism bill was passed by an overwhelming majority of the Knesset on Wednesday (June 15, 2016). Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, who completed the push for the legislation initiated by her predecessor, Tzipi Livni, said, “There is no reason for terrorism; there are only excuses for it.” Given Israel’s repeated victimization at the hands of terrorists – a reality that has led to several wars and territorial withdrawals – what is most striking about the statute is how banal and obvious it seems. (more…)


Shaked to JPost: Tying Palestinian frustration to settlements is incorrect

editor 19 November 2015

By Yonah Jeremy Bob and Lahav Harkov.. ‘What you see from there, you don’t see from here” goes a famous Israeli expression and song, most recently appropriated by former prime minister Ariel Sharon to explain his change from the settlements’ greatest supporter to the evacuator of Israelis from the Gaza Strip. Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, at 39 among the youngest senior ministers the state has ever seen, does not buy it, she told The Jerusalem Post in a wide-ranging interview. (more…)


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