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Netanyahu: Israeli Land Swaps With Palestinians Won’t Bring Peace

editor 1 June 2017

By Ariel Whitman.. Netanyahu also said that any peace agreement with the Palestinians would require an Israeli military presence in all of the West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted on Tuesday (May 30, 2017) that any future peace agreement reached with the Palestinians must include an Israeli military presence in the West Bank and offered insight on security concerns the government may have following a prospective deal. [Photo top right:Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the Knesset in Jerusalem. (photo credit:AFP PHOTO)](more…)


PM Netanyahu’s Remarks at the Opening Ceremony Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of Jerusalem

editor 24 May 2017

By PM Benjamin Netanyahu.. The Honorable President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, and his wife, Nechama,
Ministers, Members of Knesset, Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat and his wife, Ambassadors, including the Ambassador of Israel to the United States, Ron Dermer, and the Ambassador of the United States to Israel, David Friedman. This is the first time a U.S. ambassador has joined us on Jerusalem Day. Mr. Ambassador, with a name like David – and your middle name is Melech, so David Melech, you are the right man with the right name at the right time in the right place– in King David’s city, in Jerusalem. (more…)


Netanyahu Welcomes U.S. Ambassador Friedman to Jerusalem, “Our Eternal Capital”

editor 20 May 2017

By The Staff.. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday (May 16, 2017) welcomed Washington’s new ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, to “our eternal capital” Jerusalem. “Welcome. It’s a pleasure to see you and to welcome you to Jerusalem, our eternal capital. I know you went to the Kotel [Western Wall]. It’s deeply appreciated by all our people,” Netanyahu told Friedman. [Photo top right: David Friedman, the US ambassador to Israel, visits and prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem with his family upon their arrival in Israel. May 15, 2017. Photo By: Hillel Maeir/TPS]



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Address to JPPI Conference

editor 6 March 2017

By PM Benjamin Netanyahu.. The following is the transcript of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu video address at the 2017 JPPI conference on Shifting Trends in the West and their Impact on Israel and the Jewish People: I’m delighted to address the JPPI and I apologize for not being with you. I feel a bit under the weather because I was quite a bit down under. I came back from a wonderful trip to Australia and Singapore but it has taken a toll on my vocal cords and my sinuses. But nevertheless, I’m happy to be with you even through video. (more…)


A very big deal to solve a very big problem

editor 3 March 2017

By Einat Wilf and Adi Schwartz.. President Donald Trump, as expressed in the press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, now aspires in the Middle East to “a much bigger deal”, “a much more important deal”, one that “would take in many, many countries” and “​would cover a very large territory.” This kind of regional deal between the Arab world – and perhaps, the entire Muslim world​​ – and the Jewish State of Israel was always the only deal to be had: a very big deal to solve a very big problem. (more…)


The U.S.-Israel economic bond

editor 28 February 2017

By Jon Medved.. Much of the talk around President Trump’s meeting this week with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House surrounds the political and security relationship between the two countries. That is important. But it is only part of the story. Despite having a tiny population of eight million people, Israel is playing a crucial role in helping to power the U.S. economy for the next generation. (more…)


How to get to two states: Netanyahu shines a bright light on the obstacles to a lasting peace

editor 25 February 2017

By New York Daily News.. Setting aside a perplexing remark by President Trump, he and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a strong and important show of unity at the White House Wednesday (February 15, 2017). Bad news first: Trump’s apparent ignorance of the two-state solution, which for very good reason has been the basis for Mideast peace negotiations for decades. “I’m looking at two states and one state. I like the one that both parties like.” (more…)


PM Netanyahu meets the Australian Cabinet and the Jewish Community in Sydney

editor 23 February 2017

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).. During his visit to Australia from Wednesday Feb 22 – Saturday Feb 25, 2017 Prime Minister Natanyahu Meets with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, members of the Australian government and also with the Jewish community in Sydney. Watch the videos below. (more…)


[Press Release]   Australia and Israel – a story of deep friendship

editor 22 February 2017

The visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu reflects deep relationship between Australia and Israel. Over the last 100 years, Australia has played an instrumental role in the creation of the Jewish homeland, and has been blessed by the contributions of hundreds and thousands of its Jewish citizens. Today the two nations share deep cultural, business, and technological ties. The Australian government is to be commended for its positive relationship with the State of Israel, and its constructive approach towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. In the months and years ahead, we must continue to play an active and constructive role. (more…)


Netanyahu visit: Australia’s relationship with Israel and where it could go

editor 21 February 2017

By Omar Dabbagh.. In the past fortnight the Israeli leader has visited London and Washington DC for talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May and “old friend” US President Donald Trump. His visit to Australia this week (Wednesday Feb 22 – Saturday Feb 25, 2017) will be the first for a serving Israeli Prime Minister. His time with Malcolm Turnbull will likely cover similar ground: the Palestinian conflict, West Bank settlements, Iran, and combatting global terror. [Photo top right: PM Malcolm Turnbull and PM Benjamin Netanyahu]  (more…)


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