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Freeze Arab’s illegal Construction First

editor 6 July 2013

By Eli E. Hertz.. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s calls for a freeze on Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem while Arab construction, which far exceeds Jewish development, continues unfettered – are clearly biased.

Arabs claim that Jewish settlements “change the status” of the Territories and represent a distortion of the Oslo Accords. The phrase applies to acts that change the political status of the disputed territory – such as outright Israeli annexation, or a Palestinian declaration of statehood. (more…)


Judean Shekel coin from 66 CE is “ancient Palestinian coin” and part of the “Palestinian cultural tradition”

editor 13 March 2012

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.. A Judean Shekel coin from the year 66 CE, the first year of the Jewish rebellion against Rome, was sold for $1.1 million this past week at an auction in New York. The words in Hebrew “Shekel of Israel [Year] 1″ are printed on the front of the coin, and “Jerusalem the holy” appears on the back. [New York Post, March 10, 2012]  (more…)

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