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Hamas seeking to take over the Palestinian Authority

editor 5 October 2017

Yaakov Lappin/ The recent terror attack that killed three Israelis in Har Adar is a reminder of the fragile security situation across Israel, Judea and Samaria (the territories), and Gaza.  Most of the time, the situation looks calm. But hidden from view is the titanic struggle raging 24 hours a day between Israel’s security forces and Palestinian terrorists. The latter are working relentlessly to try to commit atrocities. [Photo top right: A security officer at the scene where a Palestinian terrorist killed three Israelis in a shooting attack in Har Adar, near Jerusalem, Sept. 26. Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90]. (more…)


Nationwide fires under control, firefighters say

editor 30 November 2016

By Daniel K. Eisenbud and Sharon Udasin.. Hundreds of local emergency personnel, aided by an international fleet of firefighting planes, worked throughout the weekend to contain fires that continued to spread in the country’s Center and North, displacing thousands and destroying hundreds of homes, businesses and public areas. According to officials, the fires were under control Saturday night (November 26, 2016), but fears of high winds that would continue to fan the flames caused the emergency personnel to remain on high alert. [Photo top right:A firefighter works during a wildfire, near the communal settlement of Nataf, close to Jerusalem November 23, 2016. . (photo credit:REUTERS)]  (more…)


Gabriel Naddaf: Jews living in Judea and Samaria will continue to live there for ever as the true owners of this land!

editor 27 January 2016

By Sondra Oster Baras – CFOIC.. I had an amazing experience a few weeks ago, just before the Hanukah holiday began. I hosted Father Gabriel Naddaf, Chairman of the Christian Empowerment Council (CEC) and spiritual leader of the Aramean Christians in Israel, together with CEC volunteers, for a full day visit in Samaria. That day included meetings with rabbis and community leaders as well as visits to Biblical sites. (more…)


Israel’s Beit Guvrin celebrated as UNESCO World Heritage site

editor 18 April 2015

By Sharon Udasin.. Joining the ranks of 1,006 sites of outstanding natural and cultural importance around the globe, Israel’s Beit Guvrin-Maresha National Park earned its certification as a UNESCO World Heritage site on Tuesday (April 14, 2015). Calling Beit Guvrin a “microcosm of the land of the caves,” the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization selected the site to the World Heritage List during its 38th session in Doha, Qatar, in June 2014. (more…)


More Irish Times Hate: ‘Zionism and Anti-Semitism Overlap’

editor 7 March 2015

By Simon Plosker.. Only one day after Irish Times journalist Kitty Holland’s outrageous tweet (February 25, 2015) that she was “Not interacting with Zionists anymore,” Holland’s father, prominent anti-Israel ideologue Eamonn McCann (pictured above), has launched his own assault. Clearly with Holland, the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree. (more…)


All the Fuss Over Israel’s ‘Land Expropriation’

editor 10 September 2014

By Aviel Schneider.. The world has found something else to scream about in what it calls Israel’s “confiscation” of about 400 acres of land in Judea. In Washington, the move was called “unhelpful” to the two-state solution, and heavy criticism was also leveled by Europe. Left-leaning elements in the Israeli government, such as Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, also opposed the rezoning of these areas between Bethlehem and Hebron as state-owned land. (more…)


The Goldstone Report – Using Terminology in Service of Deception

editor 19 August 2014

By Eli E. Hertz.. Justice Richard Goldstone and the United Nations Human Rights Council, sought to rewrite history by labeling Judea and Samaria (Known as the West Bank) “Occupied Palestinian Territories” [Paragraph 11], calling Israeli Arabs “Palestinian citizens of Israel” [Paragraph 111], referring to Israeli Arab villages as “Palestinian Israeli communities” [Paragraph 110] and calling Arab inhabitants of Gaza “Palestinian People in the Gaza strip” [Paragraph 1859]. Essentially Goldstone is endowing Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza with an aura of bogus peoplehood and statehood, as well as a false history as if title or ownership could be assigned out of thin air. (more…)


Freeze Arab’s illegal Construction First

editor 6 July 2013

By Eli E. Hertz.. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s calls for a freeze on Jewish construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem while Arab construction, which far exceeds Jewish development, continues unfettered – are clearly biased.

Arabs claim that Jewish settlements “change the status” of the Territories and represent a distortion of the Oslo Accords. The phrase applies to acts that change the political status of the disputed territory – such as outright Israeli annexation, or a Palestinian declaration of statehood. (more…)


Judean Shekel coin from 66 CE is “ancient Palestinian coin” and part of the “Palestinian cultural tradition”

editor 13 March 2012

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.. A Judean Shekel coin from the year 66 CE, the first year of the Jewish rebellion against Rome, was sold for $1.1 million this past week at an auction in New York. The words in Hebrew “Shekel of Israel [Year] 1” are printed on the front of the coin, and “Jerusalem the holy” appears on the back. [New York Post, March 10, 2012]  (more…)


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