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The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Bible and Jewish History Confirmed

editor 19 October 2011

Rev. John Tweedie takes you deep into Israel’s desert where a revolutionary archaeological discovery was made. Here, near the ruins of the ancient Jewish community of Qumran, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. The scrolls reveal the accuracy of the Bible we read today while bearing witness to a strong Jewish presence in the Land over 2000 years ago.


Prophetic Connection: Prophetic Promises Kept

editor 1 September 2011

Can God be trusted to keep His prophetic promises? Consider Israel’s remarkable ‘Journey Through Time’ and you will have the answer to the question…



Prophetic Connection: God’s plan for Israel

editor 2 August 2011

In this fifth episode of The Prophetic Connection, Rev. Dr. John Tweedie discusses the futile agendas of all who are coming against Israel. While flotillas, UN resolutions and terrorist activities threaten to diminish or destroy Israel, the God of Israel has a different agenda. The question is: which plan will prevail in the end?  (more…)


Palestinian Joe

editor 22 March 2010

By Rev. Dr. John Tweedie… I’ll call him Joe (not his real name). Joe was my Palestinian guide for my last tour to Israel late last year. This was a first for me. On all previous tours to Israel, going back more than 20 years, I’ve always had Israeli guides. Let me say quickly that I liked Joe, even though it soon became apparent he didn’t like Israel. (more…)


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