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The Middle East’s Coming War

editor 14 February 2018

By Ronan Bergman.. In the early hours of Saturday morning (February 10, 2018), the Middle East was on the brink of yet another war. During the night, according to my high-ranking sources, Israel’s intelligence services had been tracking an Iranian drone that was launched by the Quds division of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the Tiyas air base in central Syria. A minute and a half after the drone entered Israeli airspace, an Israeli Air Force attack helicopter shot it out of the sky. Simultaneously, eight Israeli fighter jets fired missiles at the drone’s command and control center at Tiyas, blowing it up, along with the Iranians manning the center. (Iran has denied that its drone was shot down or that its troops were killed.) [Photo top right: Remains of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet that crashed in northern Israel on Saturday, after coming under antiaircraft fire. CreditAbir Sultan/European Pressphoto Agency].  (more…)


EU lawmakers grill visiting Iranian delegation on Holocaust denial, terror links

editor 25 January 2018

By JTA.. Tehran official dodges questions about ‘disturbing’ reports of regime spying on Israeli and Jewish targets in Germany. European Parliament members questioned a visiting group of Iranian parliamentarians about Iranian leaders’ Holocaust denial statements and threats. Jewish groups and Israeli politicians had criticized the European Union’s parliament for hosting Alaeddin Boroujerdi, who chairs the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of Iran’s parliament, and his delegation for a two-day visit to the parliament in Brussels. [Photo top right: European Parliament Building Brussels].  (more…)


Netanyahu to tell Europeans clock ticking to fix Iran nuke deal

editor 25 January 2018

By Alexander Fulbright and Jacob Magid.. PM says he’ll challenge counterparts at Davos summit of world leaders to make more than ‘cosmetic’ changes to agreement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday (January 23, 2018) he would tell skeptical European leaders that time is running out to alter the Iran nuclear deal, which US President Donald Trump has vowed he will rip up if it is not changed. [Photo top right: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his wife Sara Netanyahu, at Ben Gurion airport on January 23, 2018. (Jacob Magid/Times of Israel)].  (more…)


Trump’s quarterly Iran headache

editor 20 January 2018

By Caroline Glick.. It’s that time of the year again. In accordance with the Iranian Nuclear Agreement Review Act, by Sunday US President Donald Trump must either certify that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal his predecessor Barack Obama concluded with the Iranian regime, or he must announce that Iran is breaching the accord. Last October (2017), after angrily certifying compliance at his two previous deadlines, Trump decertified Iranian compliance. [Photo top right: Emad an Iranian-designed, liquid-fuel, intermediate-range ballistic missile | Wikimedia Commons]. (more…)


The Iranian explosion of truth

editor 19 January 2018

By Caroline Glick.. If the Iranian regime is unable to brutally stomp out the countrywide protests raging through the country, and if the protesters achieve their goal of bringing down the regime, they will go down in history as the saviors of millions of people not just in Iran but throughout the world. Given the earth shattering potential of the protests it is extraordinary to see the liberal media in the US and Europe struggle to downplay their significance. [Photo top right: PAAIA, The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans](more…)


Wanted: A Counter-Iran Strategy

editor 16 January 2018

By Jonathan Spyer.. The Middle East hasn’t settled down; far from it. Iran’s designs will disrupt it for years to come, and U.S. policymakers must start preparing. common but mistaken reading of the current strategic situation in the Middle East presents the region as approaching the end of a period of instability. The “return of the Arab state” is one of the more arresting refrains that this perspective has produced. According to this view, the wars in Syria and in Iraq are drawing to a close. (more…)


Trump kicks the Palestinian habit

editor 9 January 2018

By Caroline Glick.. It was probably a coincidence that US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley hailed the Iranian anti-regime protesters and threatened to end US financial support for UNRWA – the UN Palestinian refugee agency – and the Palestinian Authority more generally in the same briefing. But they are integrally linked. It is no coincidence that Hamas is escalating its rocket attacks on Israel as the Iranian regime confronts the most significant domestic challenge it has ever faced. [Photo top right: Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations | Wikimedia Commons].  (more…)


Iran and the New Land Corridor

editor 27 December 2017

By Emil Avdaliani.. BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 690, December 19, 2017

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Reports emerged recently suggesting that Iran-backed forces are closer to controlling the Syria-Iraq border. This would mean Tehran will now be able to link up with its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah. If this scenario is correct, after 12 years of conflict in Iraq and another conflict in Syria, Iran is steadily transforming into a more powerful geopolitical player whose influence will be projected hundreds and maybe thousands of kilometers beyond its borders. (more…)


Who Is Qais al-Khazali, and Why Should You Care?

editor 20 December 2017

By Jonathan Spyer.. Last Saturday (December 9, 2017), a recording emerged of an Iraqi Shi’a militia leader called Qais al-Khazali visiting the Lebanon-Israel border area. The short video shows him in the company of two other uniformed men. They are in the village of Kafr Kila, which is adjacent to Metulla. At a certain point in the recording, Khazali addresses the camera. [Photo top right: Qais al-Khazali, head of Asaib Ahl al-Haq speaks to the press in Baghdad 3 April 2004. (Photo: AFP – Sabah Arar) | Photo credit: Elie Chalhoub]. ‘”I’m at the Fatima Gate in Kafr Kila, at the border that divides south Lebanon from occupied Palestine,” he tells his listeners. Khazali continues: (more…)


Iran Dispatches a Senior Commander of the Shiite Foreign Legion to Southern Lebanon

editor 14 December 2017

By Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Dr. Shimon Shapira.. Iran is implementing its strategic aim of turning Syria into a zone of Iranian influence. Ultimately, Iran wants to build a military infrastructure so that it can pursue its jihad against Israel on two fronts: the Lebanese border and the Golan Heights. Here, too, Iran prefers to make use of a proxy. In addition to Hizbullah, Iran is laying the groundwork to absorb tens of thousands of fighters of the Shiite Legion as they wind up the war against the Islamic State to the region from the outskirts of Damascus to the Golan Heights. [Photo top right: The Khazali Network Logo](more…)


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