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Hague Criminal Court may open Israel war crimes probe, MKs reportedly told

editor 11 January 2018

By TOI Staff.. Israel’s National Security Council reportedly warned members of the Knesset’s powerful Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee last week that the International Criminal Court could open an investigation at some point this year into the 2014 Gaza war and West Bank settlement construction. Colonel Amit Aviram (res), a senior member of the committee, submitted to the Knesset committee a secret presentation entitled, “Strategic Situation Assessment for 2018,” Channel 10 news reported Monday (January 8, 2018). (more…)


Spanish judge issues arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Liberman, others

editor 19 November 2015

By Yonah Jeremy Bob.. Spain is just the latest member of the international community to accuse Israel of war crimes and pursue Israeli officials over the Mavi Marmara affair [Photo top right]. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and seven other former and current government officials may be at risk of arrest over the 2010 Mavi Marmara flotilla raid if they step foot on Spanish soil after a judge, late last week, drew up warrants. Others who might face arrest include former foreign minister Avigdor Liberman; current and former defense ministers Moshe Ya’alon and Ehud Barak, respectively; former interior minister Eli Yishai; former intelligence minister Dan Meridor; and minster-without-portfolio Bennie Begin. (more…)


Is the International Criminal Court Biased Against Israel?  

editor 6 May 2015

By Eugene Kontorovitch.. In a prior post, I examined the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which contains an important provision directly designed to target Israel. Now we’ll turn to the Court as an institution. In the wake of the Palestinian turn to the International Criminal Court, several commentators have argued that there is no reason to think the institution is out to get Israel. (more…)


PA rejects Israel’s partial transfer of tax funds

editor 9 April 2015

By Khaled Abu Toameh.. PA president angry that Israel took out a third of the funds to pay for services rendered to the Palestinian population by Israel, including electricity, water, and hospital services. President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday (April 5, 2015) complained that Israel deducted one-third of the tax revenues it recently transferred to the Palestinian Authority after a delay of several months, and threatened to file a complaint with the International Criminal Court. (more…)


U.N. Names U.S. Judge to Lead War Crimes Inquiry Into 2014 Gaza Conflict

editor 10 February 2015

By Nick Cumming-Bruce.. GENEVA — The United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday (February 3, 2015) picked an American judge serving on an inquiry into possible war crimes in Gaza to lead its work to completion a day after the inquiry’s chairman resigned after Israel accused him of a “blatant conflict of interest.” (more…)


Schabas takes parting shot at ‘masters of ridiculous statements’ Netanyahu, Liberman

editor 7 February 2015

By Herb Keinon.. Netanyahu responded earlier in the day (February 3, 2015) to Schabas’ decision to step down by saying that the report that he was working on should also be discarded. William Schabas, the jurist who resigned Monday (February 2, 2015) as head of the UN Human Rights Council inquiry into the Gaza conflict because he was paid by the PLO in 2012 to pen a legal opinion on their behalf, lashed out at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman who applauded his resignation. (more…)


The ICC Decision to Open a Preliminary Examination: Cause for Concern, not for Panic

editor 23 January 2015

By Pnina Sharvit Baruch.. On January 16, 2015, Fatou Bensouda, prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), announced her decision to open a preliminary examination of the situation in “Palestine.” The significance of this decision should not be underestimated, though at the same time this is not a surprise. (more…)


Statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

editor 21 January 2015

By PM Benjamin Netanyahu.. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this evening (January 17, 2015) has issued the following statement: “Israel rejects the absurd decision of the ICC prosecutor. It’s absurd for the ICC to ignore international law and agreements, under which the Palestinians don’t have a state and can only get one through direct negotiations with Israel.
The rules of the ICC are clear: (more…)


Why the Diplomatic Intifada Will Fail

editor 8 January 2015

By Aaron David Miller.. Make no mistake. The State of Israel begins 2015 more isolated, cornered, and with fewer friends on the planet than perhaps at any time in its history. And worse still, it has no good answers to the threats posed by an unresolved West Bank/Gaza Palestinian problem or the internal challenges of a significant national Arab minority (20 percent of its population) that feels increasingly aggrieved and disenfranchised. In time, external pressures will surely grow. (more…)


US weighs cutting aid to Palestinians over court move

editor 8 January 2015

By Bradley Klapper.. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration said Monday (January 5, 2015) it was reviewing its annual $440 million aid package to the Palestinians because of their effort to join the International Criminal Court to pursue war-crimes charges against Israel. At the same time, however, the U.S. criticized Israel for withholding tens of millions in tax revenues to the Palestinians, saying such a step “raises tensions.” (more…)


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