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The Hamas Formulation

editor 14 April 2017

By Melanie Philips.. Why is everyone so shocked by the Labour party’s decision not to expel Ken Livingstone? I wasn’t the slightest bit surprised. Indeed, I would have been amazed had it done so. Of course, his claim that Hitler had supported Zionism was a grotesque and profoundly Jew-bashing untruth. The only overtures between Zionists and the Nazis were for the Jews a desperate manoeuvre to save some from extermination, and for the Nazis a way of getting rid of them. (more…)


Passover Perspectives from Dachau

editor 13 April 2017

By Paula R. Stern.. Ever read a story and feel like the world has changed? That somehow all that you thought was hard in your life fades away when you imagine experiencing what those in the story lived through? I’m cleaning my house for Passover. My counters are full, my couch is full. I have empty shelves where Passover dishes will go, five empty shelves where the stuff on the couch has to be stored. I didn’t get to some drawers yet. Freezer done, fridge half. OMG, I still have to do the stove and in between I have to figure out about Shabbat. David will be home…I need to make him good food. That means I need the oven…but I need to clean it before the weekend so that I can start cooking. (more…)


Jewish Holocaust Heroes And Heroines Honored In Paris

editor 17 February 2017

By Rina Bassist.. B’nai B’rith gives award to nine overlooked French natives. Paris – France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia, French-Jewish resistance expert Dr. Tsilla Hershco and other leaders of the French-Jewish community gathered on Monday (February 13, 2017) at the Paris “Memorial de la Shoah” museum for an exceptional ceremony, honoring nine Jewish men and women for saving Jews during the Holocaust. Marcel Marceau, Theo Klein, Léon and Joseph Eligoulachvilli, George and Fanny Loinger, Nelly Willer, Rachel Grunstein and Liliane Lieber-Klein were awarded the Jewish Rescuers award (JRJ) for saving Jews during World War II. [Photo top right: Dr. Tsilla Hershco, a French-Jewish resistance expert, speaks at the B’nai B’rith ceremony yesterday in Paris.. (photo credit:Rina Bassist)] (more…)


Saved From Holocaust: ‘He Loved Me and He Wanted to Keep Me’

editor 16 February 2017

By Korey Kilgannon.. On Valentine’s Day, couples often reminisce about that moment they knew they would stay together, whether during a vacation, over a fancy dinner or, perhaps, while meeting their future in-laws. For Isaac and Rosa Blum, who became teenage sweethearts 75 years ago in a ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland, that moment came as they and thousands of other terrified Jews were being herded to a death camp by Nazi soldiers. (more…)


The Holocaust Chronicle

editor 3 February 2017

By Christians for Israel International.. The Holocaust Chronicle, written and fact-checked by top scholars, recounts the long, complex, anguishing story of the most terrible crime of the 20th century. A massive, oversized hardcover of more than 750 pages, The Holocaust Chronicle: A History in Words and Pictures features more than 2000 photographs, many of which are in full color and most are published in book form for the first time. The 3000-item timeline of Holocaust-related events is unprecedented in its scope and ambition and detailed caption-text is rich with facts and human interest. (more…)


International Holocaust Remembrance Day – January 27, 2017

editor 25 January 2017

By Christians for Israel International.. International Holocaust Remembrance Day, is an international memorial day on 27 January commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. It commemorates the genocide that resulted in the death of an estimated 6 million Jewish people, 2 million Romani people, 250,000 mentally and physically disabled people, and 9,000 homosexual men by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. It was designated by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 60/7 on 1 November 2005 during the 42nd plenary session. The resolution came after a special session was held earlier that year on 24 January 2005 during which the United Nations General Assembly marked the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and the end of the Holocaust. (more…)


Uncovering Jewish History in Vilna

editor 19 January 2017

By Dr. Yvette Alt Miller.. Cutting edge technology is unearthing fascinating new evidence regarding the Jews of Vilna. Israeli archeologists are world-renowned for identifying and excavating ancient sites within Israel and beyond, adding to our understanding of life thousands of years ago. In recent years, some archeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority, working with other archeologists from around the world, have been uncovering secrets from a more recent past, namely synagogues and other Jewish buildings in Vilnius, Lithuania, which were destroyed during World War Two by the Nazis, and an escape tunnel used by Lithuanian Jews during the Holocaust. In the process, these scientists have reminded the world that the history of Vilnius is largely the history of its Jews. [Photo top right: The Great Synagogue of Vilna in 1934. (Wikimedia Commons)] (more…)


The Christmas Cookie That Changed Jewish Lives

editor 23 December 2016

By Leah Koenig.. Lebkuchen have long been a Christmas treat in Germany. But for two Jewish families fleeing the Nazis, these cookies offered hope for the future in a new country. Like many Americans before her, Sandy Lee stumbled into culinary nirvana while living abroad in Europe. But while most people return home raving about the spectacular cheese or wine or charcuterie, Lee fell in love with a cookie. The particular object of her fascination was lebkuchen—a complexly spiced cousin to gingerbread that is ubiquitous in Christmas markets across Germany. (more…)


Kristallnacht – A nation wide pogrom

editor 10 November 2016

By US Holocaust Memorial Museum.. Kristallnacht, literally, “Night of Crystal,” is often referred to as the “Night of Broken Glass.” The name refers to the wave of violent anti-Jewish pogroms which took place on November 9 and 10, 1938. This wave of violence took place throughout Germany, annexed Austria, and in areas of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia recently occupied by German troops. (more…)


Indifference in Kiev 75 years after Babi Yar massacre of Jews

editor 5 November 2016

By Alex Ryvchin.. There is something about long-haul travel conducted in solitude that infuses the mind with a strange kind of focus. As I returned to Kiev for the first time, having left that place as a boy of three, and now a man of 33, my mind returned again and again in abstract and discordant ways to family. Over the years whenever my thoughts have turned to Kiev, I could visualise nothing more than a grey blur, like a ragged woollen jumper. (more…)


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