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What Does 50 Years of Judea Mean for the Jews?

editor 18 May 2017

ByAri Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel.. This Sunday, May 21st, on the 50th anniversary of the Liberation of Judea & Samaria, Ari & Jeremy will be inaugurating the Land of Israel International Headquarters in Judea with an epic celebration of Biblical Proportions.

Tune in to hear behind the scenes what will be going down and spiritual significance of the Jewish return to Biblical Israel exactly 50 years ago! Listen below.  (more…)


What Does the IDF Do To It’s Reserve Soldiers?

editor 22 December 2016

By Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz.. Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel reports live from his IDF Field base in the Negev. During a week of training before his next mission with Ari Abramowitz in May, watch to find out what the IDF does to it’s brave soliders. Watch the video below. (more…)


Will ISIS Prepare the Biblically Promised Land for Israel at End of Days?

editor 20 October 2016

By Rivkah Lambert Adler.. “And ye shall inherit it one as well as another concerning which I lifted up My hand to give it unto your fathers; and this land shall fall unto you for inheritance.” Ezekiel 47:14. Could ISIS have an unexpected role to play in preparing to restore the original borders of the Biblical Promised Land to Israel? That’s exactly what Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel suggested on a recent radio show on the Land of Israel network. (more…)


The Soul of Israel: A Life of Gifts or Entitlement – Parashat Korach

editor 1 August 2016

By Shlomo Katz.. Rabbis Shlomo Katz and Jeremy Gimpel explore the mind of Korach, one of the most puzzling characters we have in the Torah. When attempting to understand how such a righteous man can fall so low (literally, being swallowed up by earth), we come across a fundamental teaching in Judaism which touches the core essence of the way we view anything we have in our lives. (more…)


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