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Free Gaza spox admits activist initiated fatal 2010 violence aboard Mavi Marmara

editor 17 March 2018

By Robert Philpot.. Report on inner-workings of anti-Semitic group reveals that Greta Berlin belatedly acknowledged ‘crazy’ Ken O’Keefe seized IDF commando’s gun, sparking fight in which 10 Turks died. LONDON — A leading pro-Palestinian campaigner involved in the flotilla that attempted to enter Gaza in May 2010 has appeared to corroborate Israel’s version of the events which led to the bloody confrontation on board the Mavi Marmara. (more…)


Iron Dome intercepts rocket above Ashkelon, IDF retaliates

editor 15 December 2017

By Yoav Zitun, Matan Tzuri.. Barrage of rockets launched at Hof Ashkelon Regional council towns, Ashkelon; at least 1 rocket intercepted by Iron Dome system over Ashkelon; IDF tanks, IAF planes attack Hamas positions in northern Gaza in response. IDF tanks and IAF fighter jets attacked Hamas military positions in the northern Gaza Strip overnight Monday (December 11, 2017) in retaliation for the rocket fire on Ashkelon. [Photo top right: Israeli Iron Dome system in Sderot](more…)


The day Palestine gave up

editor 22 November 2017

By Haviv Rettig Gur.. In last month’s (October 2017) reconciliation agreement, Abbas handed his legacy into Hamas’s keeping, and Hamas revealed that it is strong enough to drag its people to war, but not to freedom. On November 1 (2017), against all expectations, Hamas officials dismantled the checkpoints the organization maintained inside the Israeli-controlled crossings on the Israeli-Gazan border. It was a dramatic step. No longer would Palestinians leaving Gaza for Israel or the West Bank face questioning by Hamas intelligence officials about their business. No longer would Palestinians entering Gaza face the exorbitant import taxes and other fees imposed by Hamas. [Photo top right: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters, September 20, 2017, in New York City. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images/AFP)].  (more…)


Worrying News

editor 22 November 2017

By Paula R. Stern.. I’ve been down this road so many times in the last 20 years, and most especially in the last ten. The worst part is you never really know if the road you are on has suddenly, and almost without warning, merged with this other path known by most of the world simply as War. I hate that road with a passion; I fear it. I dread it. Unless the road suddenly takes a turn, we are headed again for war. (more…)


IDF uncovers Gaza ‘terror tunnel’ dug into Israeli territory

editor 4 November 2017

By Judah Ari Gross.. In first since 2014 war, army says Hamas burrowed in from the southern Strip in order to attack civilians near the border. Security forces discovered a “terror tunnel” inside Israeli territory coming out of the southern Gaza Strip just over a week and a half ago, the Israel Defense Forces revealed on Monday morning (October 30, 2107). [Photo top right: Gaza tunnel. Photo credit: Times of Israel].  (more…)


Proposed deal proves Hamas rule was a disaster for Palestinians

editor 24 October 2017

By Frida Ghitis.. In a brief ceremony held in Cairo last Thursday (October 12, 2017), Palestinian negotiators signed an agreement meant to bring an end to the bitter feud that has divided Hamas from the main Palestinian leadership. The leaders of Hamas and of the Palestinian Authority hailed the deal as the beginning of a new era, but much remains to be resolved, and the plan could unravel just as similar ones did in the past. (more…)


Detained Teens in Gaza Highly Vulnerable to Abuse

editor 13 October 2017

By IMEMCnews.. Ramallah, October 4, 2017 — Children in conflict with the law in Gaza, under the current Hamas-led government, are at severe risk of rights violations and abuses during detention, based on six cases documented by Defense for Children International – Palestine since January 2017. [Photo top right: Mustafa Salman, 16, died on September 22, 2017  following his suicide attempt while being detained at a police station in the northern Gaza Strip. (Photo: courtesy of Salman’s family)].   (more…)


The Hen-House Votes For The Fox

editor 12 October 2017

By Melanie Phillips.. Interpol, the world’s largest international police organisation, today (September 27, 2017) accepted the “State of Palestine” as a full member. The Palestinians’ membership bid was accepted with 75 countries voting yes, 24 voting no, and 34 abstaining. The Times of Israel reports: “Israel fiercely objected to the Palestinians joining Interpol, arguing that Ramallah’s alleged support for terrorism could hinder rather than aid Interpol’s efforts.” (more…)


Gaza activists decry rise in torture within prisons

editor 6 October 2017

By Mohammed Othman.. The number of victims of torture in Hamas-controlled prisons and detention centers in the Gaza Strip has increased significantly in recent months based on reports by Palestinian human rights centers. Torture has become a key method of interrogating detainees in the majority of cases.   (more…)


Hamas seeking to take over the Palestinian Authority

editor 5 October 2017

Yaakov Lappin/ The recent terror attack that killed three Israelis in Har Adar is a reminder of the fragile security situation across Israel, Judea and Samaria (the territories), and Gaza.  Most of the time, the situation looks calm. But hidden from view is the titanic struggle raging 24 hours a day between Israel’s security forces and Palestinian terrorists. The latter are working relentlessly to try to commit atrocities. [Photo top right: A security officer at the scene where a Palestinian terrorist killed three Israelis in a shooting attack in Har Adar, near Jerusalem, Sept. 26. Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90]. (more…)


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