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In the Land of the Trident: The Ukraine War and the Jews

editor 21 September 2017

By Jonathan Spyer.. Ukraine is a territory saturated in Jewish memory.  Memory both tragic and sublime.  In every field of endeavor –  religious thought,  Zionist and socialist politics, art, music, military affairs, science, Jews from the territory on which the modern Ukrainian state is located have registered outstanding achievement.  It is the birthplace of Rabbi Yisrael Ben-Eliezer, the Baal Shem Tov,  founder of Hasidic Judaism, who grew up near Kameniec in what is now western Ukraine. [Photo top right: A Soldier of the Ukrainian Army’s 72nd Mechanized Brigade, Avdiivka, August, 2017 (Photo: Jonathan Spyer)]. (more…)


Jerusalem Magazine – 50 Years Reunited

editor 20 September 2017

One-Time Edition | Collector’s Item

By Christains for Israel International.. 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, following the Six Day War of June 1967, after 19 years of division. This special magazine marks this unique milestone in the history of the eternal capital of Israel. Historically and politically, spiritually and culturally, the Holy City represents the heart and soul of the Jewish people. (more…)


UK–Israel Relations: 100 Years Since The Balfour Declaration

editor 13 September 2017

By David A. Dangoor.. Today we are also secured by our ties in trade, investment, security, cooperation, technology and science, for the benefit of the peoples of both countries. A hundred years ago, British foreign secretary Arthur Balfour wrote a short letter to Lord Walter Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The Balfour Declaration was a seminal moment in the long history of Zionist activity and Jewish dreams of a return to their indigenous and ancestral homeland. (more…)


Mossad to release never-published file on Nazi Angel of Death

editor 9 September 2017

By Tamara Zieve.. Much of Mengele’s life remains a mystery. After the fall of Hitler, Mengele reportedly fled to Buenos Aires where he is believed to have lived for a decade. Previously classified Mossad files about the spy agency’s unsuccessful attempts to capture notorious Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele will be available to the public later this week (first week of September, 2017). The reports, photographs and maps from the code-named “Meltzer File” about the chase after the so-called “Angel of Death” are among three volumes put together by the Mossad’s history unit about operations to capture Nazi war criminals spanning from 1959 to 1991. [Photo top right: Josef Mengele (1911-1979), German SS officer. Photo taken by a police photographer in 1956 in Buenos Aires for Mengele’s Argentine identification document. Wikimedia Commons.](more…)


Dozens of seals and seal impressions from First Temple period found in City of David this year.

editor 8 September 2017

By Ruth Schuster.. Archaeologists believe illustrative impressions were used to seal deals during the First Temple period, lending credence to the theory that Jerusalem was administrative capital of Judean kingdom. Several dozen seals and seal impressions from the First Temple period, many with biblical-type names in ancient Hebrew text, have been found in this year’s excavations of the City of David. [Photo top right: Seals adorned with Biblical names were found by archaeologists at the City of David Excavation in Jerusalem. Credit: Eliyahu Yanai]. (more…)


Palestinian Settler-Colonialism

editor 7 September 2017

By Dr. Alex Joffe.. BESA Center Perspectives Paper No. 577, September 3, 2017

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The concept of “settler colonialism” has been applied with almost unique vehemence against Israel. But the fact that Jews are the indigenous population of the Southern Levant can be proved with ease. In contrast, historical and genealogical evidence shows Palestinians descend primarily from three primary groups: Muslim invaders, Arab immigrants, and local converts to Islam. (more…)


Earliest mosaic of Jonah and the whale found in Galilee synagogue

editor 24 August 2017

By Amanda Borschel-Dan.. Artwork uncovered at Roman-era synagogue in Huqoq also shows building the Tower of Babel and a Greco-Roman calendar. Unprecedented depictions of the biblical Jonah and the whale have been found at a fifth-century Roman synagogue in Israel’s lower Galilee. In the recently discovered mosaic, Jonah’s legs are shown dangling from the mouth of a large fish, which is being swallowed by a larger fish, which is being consumed by a third, even larger fish. [Photo top right: A fish swallows an Egyptian soldier in a mosaic scene depicting the splitting of the Red Sea from the Exodus story, from the 5th-century synagogue at Huqoq, in northern Israel. (Jim Haberman/University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)].  (more…)


VIDEO: Evidence of Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem Uncovered as Temple Mourning Period Approaches

editor 23 August 2017

By Abra Forman.. On the eve of Tisha B’av (July 31, 2017), the fast day commemorating the destruction of the First and Second Temples, archaeological evidence of that destruction has been uncovered, verifying the truth of the Book of Kings and reaffirming that the Temples stood in Jerusalem. In a discovery the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) called “mesmerizing proof” of the Babylonian destruction of the First Temple, structures over 2,600 years old were exposed under collapsed layers of stone in Jerusalem’s City of David excavation park. [Photo top right:Destruction of the Second Temple. Painting by Francesco Hayez. (Wikimedia Commons)].


Hebron Ties and Lies

editor 22 August 2017

By JPost Editorial.. The Hebrew Bible tells how Abraham bought land in Hebron to bury Sarah. Long before the United Nations or organizations such as UNESCO were ever conceived – indeed long before there were nation-states as we know them – the people known today as Jews lived in the Land of Israel, shared a common language and heritage and were united by a set of canonical texts that became the Hebrew Bible. They viewed Hebron as a holy city resonant with history and religious meaning. [Photo top right: The Cave of Patriarchs, Hebron.. (photo credit:TOVAH LAZAROFF)].  (more…)


History of Jerusalem: Jordanian Annexation of the West Bank

editor 8 August 2017

By Jewish Virtual Library.. In May 1948 the Arab Legion overran the eastern part of Jerusalem and occupied the Old City and its Holy Places. During the nineteen years of Jordanian administration, Jordan refused to honour its undertaking in the armistice agreement to accord free access to the Holy Places and to cultural institutions, and use of the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives (Section III, Document 6, Article VIII, and Section V, subsection E, Documents 15 and 16). (more…)


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