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Thousands Gather to See Site of Jesus’s Tomb in Church of the Holy Sepulchre

editor 25 March 2017

By Daniel K. Eisenbud.. Last restoration took place in 1810, recent restoration cost $3.5 million. Thousands of tourists and clergy members from across the globe gathered on Wednesday at the Old City’s Christian quarter to view the recently restored Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Jesus’s tomb is located. The last time the church was restored was in 1810. [Photo top right: A ceremony held at the Holy Sepulchre after restoration. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)] (more…)


Fighting around Gaza, 1917

editor 22 March 2017

By Wikipedia.. In early 1917, the (Australian, ed.) Imperial Mounted Division was formed from the 3rd and 4th Light Horse Brigades and two British mounted brigades. The division first saw service during the First Battle of Gaza, which occurred in southern Gaza on 26 March 1917. At around noon two mounted brigades of the Anzac Mounted Division attacked Gaza from the north and east. At 6.00 pm the Turkish position had become perilous with the ring closing tightly around Gaza. However, in a decision that dismayed most of their soldiers the British commanders decided to call off the attack and retreat, delivering victory to the Turks. (more…)


World Chess Hall of Fame to Induct Four New Members. All of Them Are Jewish.

editor 7 March 2017

By Jonathan Zalman.. Paula Kalmar-Wolf, Alla Kushnir, Viktor Korchnoi, and Edward Lasker will be honored in a March 28 ceremony in St. Louis. The next time you’re in St. Louis—a wonderful city full of ribs and frozen custard and woods and blues—visit the U.S. and World Chess Halls of Fame, housed under one roof just a few blocks from Forest Park. It’s an interesting place with fantastic galleries and a learning center and a quirky gift shop; it’s fun for the whole family, if you’re into the whole chess thing. (more…)


[Press Release]   Australia and Israel – a story of deep friendship

editor 22 February 2017

The visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu reflects deep relationship between Australia and Israel. Over the last 100 years, Australia has played an instrumental role in the creation of the Jewish homeland, and has been blessed by the contributions of hundreds and thousands of its Jewish citizens. Today the two nations share deep cultural, business, and technological ties. The Australian government is to be commended for its positive relationship with the State of Israel, and its constructive approach towards the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. In the months and years ahead, we must continue to play an active and constructive role. (more…)


My Sephardic Inheritance: a Spoonful of Salt, a Spoonful of Sugar

editor 21 February 2017

By Hannah Pressman.. What a family heirloom taught me about my ancestors, and the mysterious parts of my Jewish history. Anointing challah with honey during the first year of marriage is a popular Jewish tradition—a way for newlyweds to mark the sweetness of their new life together. I confess, though, to preferring savory indulgences over sweet ones, in general. So, once the second year of my marriage was underway, I was not all that reluctant to return to salting my challah. (more…)


Saved From Holocaust: ‘He Loved Me and He Wanted to Keep Me’

editor 16 February 2017

By Korey Kilgannon.. On Valentine’s Day, couples often reminisce about that moment they knew they would stay together, whether during a vacation, over a fancy dinner or, perhaps, while meeting their future in-laws. For Isaac and Rosa Blum, who became teenage sweethearts 75 years ago in a ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland, that moment came as they and thousands of other terrified Jews were being herded to a death camp by Nazi soldiers. (more…)


In Surprise Discovery, Archaeologists Uncover 12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave

editor 11 February 2017

By JNS..” Now go, write it before them on a tablet, and inscribe it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever and ever.” Isaiah 30:8. In a surprise discovery, Israeli archaeologists have uncovered a 12th cave in the Qumran region of the northern Judean Desert that once held portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls, until they were likely looted in the mid-20th century. [Photo top right:Scroll fragments found in the 12th cave. (Casey L. Olson and Oren Gutfeld)]


Recognition of the Historical Connection to Palestine

editor 11 February 2017

By Eli E. Hertz.. Fifty-one member countries – the entire League of Nations – unanimously declared on July 24, 1922: “Whereas recognition has been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country.” Unlike nation-states in Europe, modern Lebanese, Jordanian, Syrian, and Iraqi nationalities did not evolve. They were arbitrarily created by colonial powers. (more…)


Tu BiShvat / טו בשבט

editor 9 February 2017

By C4I International.. Tu BiShvat or Tu B’Shevat or Tu B’Shvat (Hebrew: ט״ו בשבט‎) is a minor Jewish holiday, occurring on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat. It is also called “The New Year of the Trees” or (Hebrew:ראש השנה לאילנות, Rosh HaShanah La’Ilanot‎). Tu BiShvat is one of four “New Years” mentioned in the Mishnah.

Tu BiShvat begins at sundown on Friday, 10 February 2017. (more…)


The Bronze Tree of Sanxingdui the oldest man-made Genesis artefact?

editor 8 February 2017

By Stephen Brennecke.. In 1986, workers from a brickyard near Guanghan, China, were digging for clay in the countryside when they discovered various pieces of bronze. They contacted the authorities, and archaeologists from Huaxi University in Chengdu came and excavated two different pits that were filled with outstanding artefacts of the Sanxingdui People. These archaeological efforts followed earlier excavations in the area dating back to 1929. (more…)


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