Why End Times? (18) – Chapter 2 – Eschatological Science Fiction

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By Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer.. From the book Why End Times? Chapter 2 – Eschatological Science Fiction

The martyrs are seen under the fifth seal. These martyrs have been slain because of the Word of God and the testimony they maintained. The ennobling of man and the persecution of believers always go hand in hand. Man wants to be like God, insist on his own rights, not bothering about Gods’ rights. He sets up his own realm by the use of force – his own New Age, his own New World Order in the name of man: the ‘city of man’.

And this fallen man then starts to persecute those who do not rely on themselves but who are looking longingly up to Him, Who will make all things forever new. People who simply will not go along with the ‘Zeit-Geist’, the ‘spirit of the age’ and who will not follow the End Times-leader and his man-centered ideologies.


These are people who realize that they are living in an interim   era, between His first and His Second Coming. People who would rather serve God than give in to the other gods that are presented to them: These are the Jews and Bible-believing Christians. Did the Greek spirit of Hellenism not clash with the God of Israel and the Jewish faith in the battles under the Maccabees? Streams of Jewish blood flowed in this war of the Jews for their freedom of religion and against the desecration of the Temple. The conflict between Hellenistic/humanistic man, who thinks that he is good by nature, a god-in-himself, and man who knows he is a sinner and depend- ent on God’s grace and on His commandments as directives for life is irreconcilable. Victims fall under the Roman Empire,   under Islam, under the Roman Catholic inquisition, under Communism, under National Socialism, under dictatorships – whether right-wing or left-wing – often Christians together with the ‘elder members of their family’, the Jews. A quarter of humanity falls under the hoofs of the red, black and pale horses, but the innocent victims who are slain form a special group that will get a very special reward.


The multitude that no one can count
In Revelation 7:9-14 John sees a multitude that no one can count. When he asks where they come from he is told: out of the ‘great tribulation’. They have washed their clothes white in the blood of the Lamb. While the world was wailing, while the forces of dark- ness appeared to be almighty, while the trials of the End Times were fanning desires, they were continually seeking the cleansing power of the blood of the Lamb and the force to offer resistance, through the Holy Spirit.


This is the time when THE beast reigns, THE anti-Christ, THE ‘law- less one’; the time in which the ‘church’ together with the other religions and sects will have become a whore. The beast’s hot breath, the spirit of the lawlessness, has been felt throughout all the centuries. Through all the centuries, the ‘church’ has also taken on the form of a pseudo-church and has become drunk with the blood of the saints. In the end, however, things will definitely come to a head and a climax in the last great spiritual struggle. John speaks of this in greater detail in Revelation 12-18.


Even more details are revealed in Revelation 8-9. The seven angels get ready to blow their seven trumpets. The inhabitants of the earth will be stunned when they experience how unrelentingly and irresistibly the destruction of the earth advances. The bulldozers in the hands of the Lord of Hosts level the ground for a new world. The birth pangs precede the birth of the promised Kingdom of righteousness and justice and peace. All order, all structure, all beauty disappears. Nature will be corroded and made repulsive first of all; then the trials reach the earthlings themselves.


While the first plagues still contain trials through which the Church, Israel and other groups come out purified, these trumpet judgements befall the unbelieving remainder – enemies of God – who are so distinctively called ‘the peoples of this earth’, in contrast to human beings that are hidden in God and the Lamb. They are citizens of another world. Their citizenship is in the heavens. Even conversion should not be considered impossible under the trumpets. But in reality it becomes apparent that people will not repent and will refuse to be converted. The time of God’s grace and His wonderful patience now finally seems to be over.

To be continued.. with: Chapter 2 – Eschatological Science Fiction – The First Trumpet

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Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer
President Christians for Israel International


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