Israel’s unique position in the horns of the European dilemma

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By Arthur Koll.. The European Union is facing the largest challenge in its history, in the form of mass migration and significantly heightened security threats. As a result, it is engaged in a fateful quest to reconcile a growing clash between its values and interests, scrambling to preserve its liberal and free spirit and, at the same time, meet unprecedented terrorist challenges. Within these tectonic changes, Israel plays a minor yet complex role. [Photo top right: Mannequin challenge]  European governments and security officials are tightening cooperation with Jerusalem, but in the arena of public opinion, Israel still largely bears the brunt of criticism, which centers on a perceived failure by Israel to create a coherent policy aimed at resolving the Palestinian issue.

However, European opinion shapers are far less preoccupied these days with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as they seek to tackle the urgent issues on their own door step.

Over the past three years, migrants from the Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa have flocked to Europe – a consequence of ongoing wars, and enormous global economic and social inequality. Read the full story here.



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