The Post-Brexit Future of European-Israeli Relations

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By Amb. Freddy Eitan (JCPA).. Britain’s exit, or Brexit, from the European Union is first and foremost a severe British domestic problem that its leaders alone must solve with diligence and as soon as possible. Although EU leaders have indeed reacted with disappointment and bitterness, after the initial shock they appear to be recuperating. Europe as a whole is slowly regaining its composure. The EU will not come apart quickly. It will apparently continue to represent 27 united countries, in which close to half a billion humans live, with an average GDP of over $30,000 per capita.

  • Three cardinal issues led the British to leave the EU:
    • The cumbersome administration and rigid bureaucracy in Brussels.
    • The influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe and, more recently, of refugees from Iraq, Syria, and Libya.
    • The terror attacks committed by European subjects who are inspired by Islamic organizations such as the Islamic State or Al-Qaeda.
  • There is only one issue on which the European community demonstrates unanimity, namely, solving the Palestinian problem. The new French initiative, with the accompanying international conference, is especially indicative of the European approach to resolving the conflict.
  • Britain’s exit will not change Europe’s policy in our region, and Israel must prepare itself accordingly. Unlike Britain, which has managed to cope with large-scale crises by itself, Israel cannot allow itself to be isolated and will always need real friends and alliances.

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