Hitler’s Jewish Spy

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By Asgeir Ueland.. On Feb. 6, 1937 the SIS, the British Secret Intelligence Service, popularly known as MI6, wrote a report headlined “Nazi activities in Northern Africa.” Part of the report was forwarded to the British internal security organization MI5 some two weeks later. The information from SIS came from a German informant in Paris who claimed to be working for a German emigrant organization sending volunteers to Spain, which was at the time engulfed in a bloody civil war. According to the informant, the Nazis had set up headquarters in the city of Ceuta, a Spanish plot of land in North Africa bordering Morocco. The chief Nazi agent in Morocco, was, according to the same source, a certain “von Roland” (sic), whom the informant claimed worked closely with the Nazi organization in Seville and Lisbon and also with an Italian Fascist group in Tunis “responsible for anti-French agitation in that territory.” Read the full story here.



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