Why do most hate Jews?

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By Anil Machado…Hatred can be explained in many ways, but I often come across some people who hate Jews. Whenever I go on explaining them about Judaism, Israel and Zion, it just ends in an unconvincing rational argument.

When I look into the history of Israel and why they had been persecuted in last 2000 years the details are quite fascinating. I realize that most people, who hate Jews, don’t know why they do. Some might go to an extent of forwarding me some articles from Islamic websites or videos from YouTube, which shows atrocities of Israelis on Palestinians’.

Since my early days as Bible reading kid I was always having a soft corner for Israel and its people. The curiosity for Israel & Jews grew stronger as a teenager and I ventured into in-depth study about that land and its people. Searching for facts, discussing with Scholars, interviewing Rabbi’s and getting into a practical pursuit of the land. When I study about them I don’t find any reason to hate them.

Off course I always see that I don’t get influenced by some breaking news, media and false propaganda about Israel. However, a study is incomplete without getting the information from the oppositions and the haters too, but when I balance the real cause and explanation I still that the state of Israel has a right to survive and exist. Many would still continue to disagree with me, by some of their biased and unrealistic explanations.

Lets go through some  few points that I have found interesting about Israel, its relationship with west, its relationship with USA, Holocaust, Jewish hatred and everything that I could cover in a precise writing mode :

- “It requires faith,” says Wistrich, in an interview on his return from a whirlwind book tour across the United States. “Our presence in the land of Israel is providential, and cannot be explained by purely rational arguments. Whether we live up to that depends on us.”

What is Anti-Semitism?
Anti-Semitism is not an opinion, but rather a crime of passion; and, in the final analysis, the anti-Semite wants, consciously or unconsciously, to kill the Jew. This has been going on for almost 2500 years and the anti-Semitic mind is always for a reason to think that a Jew should be killed or to kill if given a chance. There has hardly been any direct cause of revenge, it’s just a state of obsession.

I wonder what kind of aggression, atrocity, and persecution the anti-Semitic faced in order to have such mental state to kill a Jew. Many have never focused on religion influence on Anti-Semitism. Before WW2 there was a huge influx of Anti-Semitism among the Christians, but after that and especially since 1948 there has been a shift towards Muslims. Only recently the prevalent Anti-Semitic feelings in US & Europe have revived again. Making Israel almost isolated in its fight against survival.

US – Israel relations at its brink
US is the strongest allies of Israel in the western world, but last few months we are witnessing a collapse in their relations. All thanks to President Obama and the liberals in the US politics.

1.    Israel during the Bush and Clinton Administrations – had landing rights in Turkey, and USA bases in the Middle East and more recently under George Bush, in Iraq. This was in case they were attacked by Iran or any other Arab country. Obama has withdrawn those landing rights. Israel now has nowhere to refuel in the Middle East.

2. Netanyahu was instructed to come to the white house for a meeting. He was brought in through a servant’s entrance – the only head of state ever in US history to be given that disgraceful treatment. He was not offered even a cup of tea – but was lectured to by Obama who told him that he is not permitted to attack Iran and that he has to withdraw all forces from the West bank and may not build any more settlements ( neighborhoods’) in East Jerusalem.

3. Israel found out that there were four terrorists meeting in Dubai. As they have done for the past 62 years, they informed the US of that and said that these terrorists had to be dealt with. Obama said under no circumstances. Israel decided to go ahead. They killed the one terrorist who showed up. However the CIA was sent there to film the entire event by Obama – and then a concerted PR campaign was waged by the White house to discredit Israel and what they did – this kind of action has taken place with US support for the past 62 years since they presumed to have common enemies.

4. Obama has refused to oppose Syria’s re arming of Hezbollah and Hamas – Israel now sits in imminent danger from the amounts of missiles that can be sent into her territory.

5. Israel will never tell the US again of its plans – since they cannot trust US.

6. Israel intends to attack Iran – there are over 30 installations of which 4 have underground bunkers that contain nuclear weapons. Israel cannot wait any longer. The US is no longer supporting Israel’s self defense.

7. When Lance Lambert gave the White House a full file on the 9.11 attack – his warnings and proof were laughed at.

8. Now Lance Lambert believes that the next attacks in the USA will be mass transportation – subways and malls – especially the largest malls where the most people can be killed – and that Vegas and wherever there are conventions of employees will be a huge target. USA is not prepared and are naïve in their lack thereof.

9. Once Israel attacks Iran, every Jew and Jewish institution will be at risk – temples, religious schools etc.

10. It is not fiction. It is fact.
What can be done?
It is essential that everyone who doesn’t know yet, now understands that the protection and survival of Israel is not on Obama’s list – and he is now taking ACTUAL steps to move all protections away – no more landing rights, negotiating with Iran and Syria, making nice to the Arab World in the face of allies of long-standing and he is no friend of the Jewish people and Israel.

Jews linked to the land
Today, people from Western countries often have not even the vaguest idea of the Jews’ link to this land. They tend to believe the kind of things that were given some credence even by President Obama in his Cairo speech, where he suggested that it was only the history of persecution, and particularly the Holocaust, that provided the source of Israel’s justification. But anyone really familiar with Judaism and the history of the Jews would know that the tripod that makes up the core of the Jewish people — Judaism, the land of Israel and the laws of the Torah — cannot be disconnected.

deny the truth
This is why anti-Zionists, and often anti-Semites, try so hard to separate them. A distorted information about the facts doesn’t make the truth diminish, maybe for the ears for some naïve people. But someone with clear understanding about the history of Israel cannot deny the truth.

The Sympathetic Arab westerners basically say that the Zionist movement and the people who came to settle in the Land of Israel are all alien invaders. This is an outright lie, of course, but it’s one that is widely believed by people today who have no interest in history and no respect for truth. It’s astonishing how often one reads complete dismissals of the historical connection of the Jews with Palestine. The Palestinians even deny that there was a First or a Second Temple. And they go even further in falsifying history, by claiming, for instance, that the Arabs of Palestine are descendants of the Canaanites, and therefore preceded the children of Israel in the conquest of Canaan as described in the Bible. Obviously, there’s no shred of evidence for any link whatsoever between the Canaanites and the Arabs of Palestine.

Jews were never welcomed in Europe or Middle east
The Jews were driven out of their land by the Romans; many tribes went to settle down in Middle east and most in Europe. The Jews were never welcomed in Europe or Middle east peacefully as compared to the invasions of the Islamic fighters over Europe, Africa, Middle East & Asia. No one speaks about the atrocities met by the Islamic fighters who plundered one city after another in the name of the religion. Still there is no hatred for them as compared to hatred meted upon the Jews. In Europe the Jews were subjected only to the ghettos, it was only in the ghettos that they could find a living. Whenever the European kings & Queens or at the instructions of the Vatican the persecution of the Jews was fast tracked.

It was Jews who killed Lord Jesus
Their killings were never justified but always given a name of hatred or they were killed in the name of religion. Many Christians those days were driven against the Jews by the Church, and the reason “ It was Jews who killed Lord Jesus”, come on please can somebody tell me is this the basis of Christianity. Even Lord Jesus would never allow such a horrendous crime in the name of faith. During the early 17th Century Jews started to expand almost all over Europe because they were always migrating population under the fear of continuous persecution. This was the time when the Jews flourished in trade, medicine, science, technology and even some of them gaining good positions in societies, politics & governments.

Have the Jews invaded nations in past 2000 years, or have they spread bloodshed, or what on earth have they done to the world to be hated so much. Maybe its the success of most of the Jews which makes the other people jealous and thus resulting hatred.

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4 Comments to “Why do most hate Jews?”

  1. hammad says:

    my friend you seems to be confused. israel is not a complete country because it spread like a water in mid east, in lebanon,syria, palestine. and theres u.n order for israel to get rid of arab land since 1967 but they keep themself as dumb, we arab or muslim have offer a lot for reccognition of israel, get rid of arab land and have proper border and we will reccognise israel, remember israel problem did not started with islam, 2500 years ago there was no islamic teachings, but is jews themself who keep in this situation by beliving they are only choosen people, remember hitler was not a muslim, we arab are educated this days we are not like those years but steel americans and european are being made fulls by jews, so to tell you that there was no hammas or hisbulla in mid east if there was no israel occupation in arab land or even al kaida, jews use bible as reason for occupation while they denied jesus and follow moses torrah untill today, ask yourself why vatican and not israel as bible headquarter, we arab do not hate jews or jealous of them only problem is occupation obama was going to make it right but you american stoped him by bringing again republicans whom depend a lot from jews money so theres no piece untill you wake up.

  2. Ruti says:

    People hate the Jews because they are satanically inspired to do so. It isn’t purely a mental or emotional thing, it’s primarily spiritual. The Jewish people still have covenant and furthermore they have a future written down in the word. They are a trouble to the devil and consequently he wants to trouble them. Despite the mass murders preceding the Exodus and the re-birth of Israel as a physical nation, the Jewish people are once again miraculously back in their land. The Jewish people have a huge part to play in God’s plans both now and for the future, as detailed in both the Jewish and Christian scriptures.

    Christianity was initially created by Jews and is based heavily on Judaism. Any ‘christian’ who is anti semitic or wants to boycott Israel, would have to stop using such words as Amen, Hallelujah, Messiah etc. They would need to boycott all Jewish inspired/written books (i.e. the whole of the bible), festivals such as Pentecost and they also would have to say goodbye to salvation (as this also is biblically from/of the Jews). Lastly, they would need to boycott Jesus Christ/ Yeshua as He was decidedly Jewish and in addition to this Father God and the Holy Spirit (on the basis of their oneness).

    Seriously, any Christian with a shred of ill feeling towards Israel or the Jewish people needs to repent and get in touch with God’s heart.

  3. Moya says:

    Absolutely agree with Ruti.
    It all started in the Garden of Eden and will end in Revelation with more prophecies being fulfilled as they slowly unfold. This evil is perpetrated by satan who is God’s arch enemy and ours too who are His elected seed. We know about the 2 vines; false and true etc.

    Let us not fall into the trap of satan but stand with Israel and support her with our daily prayers and in any way we can.

  4. peter says:

    I also agree with Ruti.
    When you look at the account of the Bible, the current scenario was prophesied to happen. whereby all the nations will turn against Israel. This was said that it will mark the end of world in which God Himself will put down Israel’s enemies. When you see any of this signs, repent and prepare the way for the coming of Jesus.

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