Obama’s self-defeating fight

editor 20 September 2014

By Caroline Glick.. The United States has a problem with Islamic State. Its problem is that it refuses to acknowledge why Islamic State is a problem. The problem with Islamic State is not that it is brutal. Plenty of regimes are brutal. Islamic State poses two challenges for the US. First, unlike the Saudis and even the Iranians, IS actively recruits Americans and other Westerners to join its lines. This is a problem because these Americans and other Westerners have embraced an ideology that is viciously hostile to every aspect of Western civilization. Read more »


End of an Era: UN Peacekeepers Stop Pretending to Keep Peace

editor 19 September 2014

By Seth Mandel.. The United Nations has come up with a strange follow-up to Israel’s credible accusations that UN facilities allowed themselves to be used essentially as human shields for Hamas in Gaza: the UN is now, apparently, using Israeli soldiers as human shields up north. Somehow I don’t think that’s what Israeli authorities had in mind when they protested the UN’s one-sided wartime behavior. Read more »


U.N. Pulls Troops From Syrian Golan Heights

editor 19 September 2014

By Joshua Mitnick.. TEL AVIV—The United Nations said it temporarily evacuated hundreds of peacekeeping forces from Syria’s side of the Golan Heights to Israel-controlled territory, saying the troops were threatened by escalating fighting in Syria’s civil war. The move marks a major redeployment for the 1,200-member United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, or UNDOF, which has monitored a 40-year-old truce between Israel and Syria since the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. Read more »


Syrian rebels seize UN weapons in the Golan:

editor 19 September 2014

By AFP.. United Nations (United States) (AFP) – Syrian rebels linked to Al-Qaeda have seized UN weapons, uniforms and vehicles from peacekeepers in the Golan and set up a “safe zone” to wage attacks, the Syrian ambassador said Tuesday. The United Nations on Monday (September 15, 2104) was forced to pull back hundreds of peacekeepers to the Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan after Syrian rebels advanced on their positions. Read more »


Christians for Israel International Study Tour May 2015

editor 18 September 2014

By C4Israel International.. In Israel, Christians learn to understand Israel and the Jewish people in a way that is hardly possible in the nations. Our goal in bringing Chistians to Israel is to connect them with all of Israel – the land, the people and – their history, culture, hopes, dilemmas and dreams. In partnership with Keshet Centre for Educational Tourism, Christians for Israel International organizes a study tour in Israel from 13 – 24 May, 2015. The tour also includes Bible teachings by Rev Willem J.J. Glashouwer.

The itinerary and packageinfo (which may be subject to change) can be viewed below.

Read more »


Responses to Terrorism: Europe v. India

editor 18 September 2014

By Vijeta Uniyal.. In Europe, displays of ferocity were clearly not a “spontaneous reaction” to the developing situation in Gaza. They were an opportune moment for many to act on their anti-Semitism by dressing it up as a supposedly “genuine concern” for human suffering. In India, youth groups rallied to show their support for Israel, a fellow democracy under terrorist siege — a pain known only too well by Indians, who have lost more than 30,000 of their countrymen to terrorism since 1994. Read more »


National Lawyers Guild seeks to indict Obama for helping Israel build Iron Dome

editor 18 September 2014

By Alan M. Dershowitz.. The National Lawyers Guild—a hard left assortment of radical lawyers and “legal workers”—is seeking to have President Obama, Secretary of Defense Hagel and members of Congress indicted by the International Criminal Court for “aiding and abetting” genocide, crimes against humanity and other war crimes. Among the bases for these extraordinarily serious accusations, is that “the United States Congress overwhelmingly passed, and President Obama signed, an appropriation of $225 million for Israel’s Iron Dome missile system”—a purely defensive shield that destroys missiles heading for Israeli population centers. Read more »


It’s time to learn the facts about Judea and Samaria

editor 18 September 2014

By Oded Revivi.. To truly understand the status of this territory we have to first differentiate between the personal and the national. The recent furore surrounding the government’s decision to declare nearly 1,000 acres at Gvaot in Gush Etzion “State Land” is a classic example of the ignorance of history and law that governs most discussions of Israeli actions beyond the internationally hallowed “Green Line.” Media headlines around the world screamed about “annexation” and “land grab,” the Palestinian Authority declared it a “crime” and foreign ministries around the world have demanded the reversal of the decision. However, few articles, press releases or communiques mention the crux of the matter; the legal and historical status of the land in question. Read more »


U.S.: Iran’s Current Position in Nuclear Talks “Unacceptable”

editor 18 September 2014

By Wendy R. Sherman.. Remarks on U.S. Policy in the Middle East. Under Secretary Sherman: Thank you, Ambassador Pickering – Tom – for your kind words and also for being here tonight. And Dean and Mr. Hogan, thank you as well. And Barbara – I’ll get to you in a moment. To those of you who may be too young to know – and that’s most of you in this room – for a diplomat to be introduced by Tom Pickering is the equivalent of a tennis player receiving a flattering tweet from Serena Williams, and I am most grateful. Read more »


The United Nations: World’s Leading Purveyor of Antisemitism

editor 17 September 2014

By Anne Bayefski.. Why couldn’t the UN… sponsor a conference on combating global antisemitism? In theory the UN Charter demands equality of… nations large and small. In reality the UN mass-produces inequality for Jews and the Jewish nation. The UN has launched a “legal” pogrom against the Jewish state. A “legal” pogrom is a license to kill. Modern antisemitism targets Israel’s exercise of the right of self-defense because self-defense is the essence of sovereignty. My time is short, too short to try to emulate the diplomatic sophistry that passes for respect in the meeting rooms of the United Nations. So I will get right to the point. Read more »

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