Hamas reconstructing damaged Gaza attack tunnel

editor 21 October 2014

By Elhanan Miller.. Al-Qassam Brigades used a humanitarian ceasefire during Operation Protective Edge to start digging, commander admits. Hamas’s armed wing is reconstructing an attack tunnel damaged by Israel during Operation Protective Edge, the movement’s newspaper reported on Sunday (October 19, 2014), admitting that renovation work was carried out on the tunnel under the protection of a humanitarian ceasefire during the operation.  Read more »


Australians for Palestine (AFP) activists caught out again on photos

editor 21 October 2014

By Christian Kerr.. The Australians for Palestine ­activist group has been exposed again misrepresenting photos from the Middle East. In August 2014, The Australian revealed that the group had used a photo of child victims of the war in Syria to illustrate an email bulletin on the recent strife in Gaza. Now, in a second incident, the group has linked through from its Facebook page to an item headed: “Hundred of Gaza children permanently disabled by this summer’s conflict.” Read more »


The Fall of Fortresses by Elmer Bendiner, and a Note Found in a Dud Shell

editor 20 October 2014

By Truthorfiction.com.. Summary of the eRumor:  This is a miraculous account of a World War II bombing mission where the crew of a B-17 survived unharmed after their bomber was hit by a barrage of anti-aircraft fire. Enemy shells hit the gas tank of the aircraft, yet there was no explosion. When the crew landed safely, an inspection revealed all the shells that pierced the fuselage lacked explosive charges. In one shell, crew members discovered a note that said, “This is all we can do for you now… Using Jewish slave labor is never a good idea.” The account was allegedly written in a book by Elmer Bendiner called “The Fall of Fortresses.” Read more »


The ISIS-Kurdish War

editor 18 October 2014

By Jonathan Spyer.. A person who I regard as the best political analyst on Syria, a man called Mahmoud Mousa, who works with the foreign media in Syria and comes politically from the circle of the moderate rebels and civilian Syrian opposition, said to me when I visited Syria in May that there are only three serious forces in Syria today: ISIS, the regime and the Kurds – this tells you a lot about the state of the other forces touted as potential partners for the West. Of the three serious forces, two of them – ISIS and the Kurds – have been engaged in a war for territory in the course of just over a year and a half. Read more »


Lauder to Post: Israel is being defined by its enemies

editor 18 October 2014

By WJC.. Israel allows itself to be defined abroad by its enemies, World Jewish Congress president Ronald Lauder said on Monday (October 13, 2104). Speaking to The Jerusalem Post while in Israel for a gathering supporting persecuted Christians throughout the region, Lauder explained that he believed Israel was falling behind in the battle over its image abroad. Read more »


Lauder: Time to speak out against slaughter of Christians in Middle East

editor 17 October 2014

By WJC.. World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on Monday addressed a large gathering of Evangelical Christians at Jerusalem’s Pais Arena in which he spoke out forcefully against the slaughter of Christians across the Middle East and in Africa.  “When hundreds of thousands of Christians – men, women and children – are killed, this isn’t war. This is genocide. Read more »


Which Palestine Do Europeans Recognize?

editor 17 October 2014

By Jonathan S. Tobin.. Today (October 13, 2014) the British Parliament voted on a non-binding resolution that recognized Palestine as a state. The 274-12 vote in favor of the symbolic gesture doesn’t affect the actual foreign policy of the United Kingdom but, like the announcement by the new Swedish prime minister earlier this month of his intention to also recognize it as a state, it does constitute more momentum for a Palestinian effort to bypass peace negotiations. Read more »


Veteran AP reporter in Gaza says enough after war, moves to Malaysia

editor 17 October 2014

By Ron Kampeas.. Ibrahim Barzak doesn’t want his young sons to hate Israelis. So the Gaza native decided it was time to move overseas. WASHINGTON (JTA) — Ibrahim Barzak spent his childhood counting the days to weekends, when he would travel with his father to see friends in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ashdod and Jerusalem. For Barzak’s young sons, by contrast, the names of those cities conjure malevolent exotica. Read more »


3 Models of Israel’s Theological Significance

editor 16 October 2014

By Dr Micheal J. Vlach.. How do you view national Israel’s significance in the plan of God? The following are three models of Israel’s significance from a Christian perspective.

1. Replacement Model—The nation Israel no longer has theological significance in God’s plans, being permanently replaced as the people of God by the Christian church. Israel is a testimony to what happens to those who reject God.

Read more »


Trucks with building materials enter Gaza from Israel

editor 16 October 2014

By Elior Levy..  Transfer of materials carried out under supervision of UN representatives in cooperation with PA officials; next phase includes export of agricultural produce from Gaza to West Bank. Trucks loaded with construction materials entered the Gaza Strip on Tuesday (October 14, 2104), a month and a half after the end of fighting between Israel and Palestinian militants in the area. Read more »

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