Ambassador Dore Gold on Fox News July 14, 2014 (Video)

editor 28 July 2014

Dore GoldAmbassador Dore Gold, a foreign a policy adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said in an interview on Monday (July 14, 2104): “We have a very serious problem in that Hamas has embedded its military capability inside the Palestinian population. What do you do if you’re Israel? Do you just say okay we’re going to use massive firepower against Palestinians?” Read more »


Global Prayer Call 2015

editor 24 July 2014

By Harald Eckert.. Calling the body of Christ worldwide to prayer (and fasting) for your nation and Israel. On May 08, 2015 it will be 70 years that World War II (in Europe) came to an end. With this the Holocaust, the greatest atrocity and tragedy of mankind, came to a halt. On January 27, 2015 at the world wide UN Holocaust Memorial day, it will be seventy years that the infamous concentration camp of Auschwitz will be delivered. These are highly important commemoration days – for the Jewish world and especially for the Jewish nation Israel which until today is threatened by a second Holocaust. Read more »


Rocket War Update, Day #9: Invasion of Gaza seems likely. IDF warns 100,000 Gazans to evacuate their homes, mobilizes 8,000 more reservists.

editor 24 July 2014

By Joel C. Rosenberg.. (Washington, D.C.) — An Israeli military invasion of the Gaza Strip seems increasingly likely, and imminent.

  • Hamas formally rejected the Egyptian cease-fire proposal.
  • Netanyahu and Egyptian President Sisi have been secretly speaking and coordinating, but so far Hamas is defiantly fighting on.
  • Abbas is also actively engaged in the behind-the-scenes discussions, offering to put Palestinian Authority security forces on the Gaza-Egyptian border to prevent weapons smuggling if a cease-fire is established.
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Jerusalem Neighborhood Explodes After Christians Leave

editor 24 July 2014

By Ryan Jones.. The Jerusalem suburb of Shuafat was this month the scene of some of the worst street violence the city has experienced in decades. And wouldn’t you know it, the situation exploded just 24 hours after the neighborhood’s only significant Christian presence was forced to leave. The situation in Shuafat became violent two weeks ago after Jewish extremists kidnapped and murdered a young local Arab boy in retaliation for the earlier abduction and killing of three Israeli youths. Read more »


Hamas belittles those who criticize high civilian death toll

editor 23 July 2014

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik.. Hamas belittles “defeatist” Palestinians who criticize high civilian death toll. “In 1945, in a single day in Algeria, 45,000 Algerians died. In a single day. It wasn’t described in Algeria’s history as forsaking the blood of the Algerians, as some defeatists are describing today the number of Martyrs as ‘trading with Palestinian blood and forsaking Palestinian blood’… We are not leading our people to execution…We are leading them to death – I mean, to confrontation.” [Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri]  Read more »


Reports: Hamas Offers 10-Year Truce, Warns Israelis to Accept

editor 22 July 2014

By Israel Today Staff.. Hamas officials on Wednesday (July 16, 2014) officially rejected an Egyptian proposal to bring an end to the current Gaza war, but did reportedly offer their own ceasefire agreement. The Egyptian proposal, which Israel accepted and briefly implemented unilaterally on Tuesday, called for an immediate cessation of hostilities on both sides, followed by negotiations in Cairo to hammer out the terms of a lasting truce.

But Hamas appears to feel it’s holding better cards than that, and, according to Palestinian sources cited by local media, has presented a 10-year truce in return for far-reaching Israeli concessions. Read more »


Iran: The Regional Power behind the Hamas War Effort

editor 22 July 2014

By Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall, JCPA.. Vol. 14, No. 23    July 15, 2014

  • Iran is an arsonist, inflaming the conflicts in the Middle East. Since the 2012 “Pillar of Defense Operation,” Iran has heavily invested in improving the quantity and quality of the rockets in the Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) arsenals. Its endgame is to preserve its influence via its proxies and to use the Palestinian organizations as Iran’s first defense line.

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Living under fire: Israelis stand tall

editor 21 July 2014

By Michael Widlansky.. ‘What is it like living under the threat of rocket attacks?” Here in Israel, we’re getting used to the question. The short answer is, “It’s awful, and we’re not going to take it anymore.” But here’s a slightly longer answer, to show how we come together to fight the stress and to meet the challenge of enemies who hate us only because we are different from them — a predominantly Jewish state in a Muslim neighborhood, a democratic island in an authoritarian sea. Read more »


The Gaza Rules

editor 19 July 2014

By William Saletan.. Israel, unlike Hamas, isn’t trying to kill civilians. It’s taking pains to spare them. According to many critics, Israel is slaughtering civilians in Gaza. It’s “purposefully wiping out entire families,” says an Arab member of Israel’s parliament. It’s committing “genocide—the murder of entire families,” says Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority. Iran says Israel has committed “massacres against the defenseless Palestinians.”

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Paris Synagogue Attack: ‘We Could Have Had a Kristallnacht’

editor 18 July 2014

By Shlomo Pitrikovsky, Gil Ronen.. Pro-Palestinian rioters who besieged a Paris synagogue were armed with axes and knives, police lost control. Serge Ben Haim, one of the leaders of the Jewish community in Paris, toldIDF Radio Monday morning about the attack on a Paris synagogue by a pro-Palestinian mob on Sunday (July 13, 2014).

Ben Haim told his interviewer that the event was a watershed occurrence. “What existed in the past can no longer continue. We could have had something like Kristallnacht,” he said, referring to the infamous “night of broken glass” in 1938, when Nazis swept through Jewish towns andneighborhoods throughout Germany and Austria, murdering some 500 Jews, burning homes and synagogues, and destroying shops. Read more »

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